Careers at Hazeley

At Hazeley as well as providing students with the opportunity and support to achieve great qualifications, we also believe in developing our students Character, Confidence and Creativity to ensure they leave us as rounded young people who are ready to be successful and happy in the wider community and beyond.  Part of this is ensuring students are provided with impartial careers information, advice and guidance from Year 8 to 12, this happens through the curriculum, workshops, presentations, workshops and pathways meetings.

As part of the Wellbeing and Enrichment programme and through their curriculum lessons our students will learn about self-awareness, how to explore options, learn about employability and soft skills and will develop the confidence to make informed decisions.

Students will be able

  • To identify their strengths and areas for development within in skills, attitudes and abilities
  • To be career aware and therefore take responsibility for their career pathway
  • To make timely informed decisions about their future
  • To use the opportunities provided to prepare them for a working life

Students in Year 8-11 will have a one to one meeting with a Careers Advisor, Form Tutor, Progress Leader or a member of the Pathways team to support with plotting their career pathway. This meeting will set targets to support the students with their decisions. Students with statements or EHC plans will also be supported throughout decision-making processes.


All students in Year 7-10 will take part in worktree ‘WorkOut’ sessions once a year. These involve the students meeting adult workers to ask questions about their careers and experiences, students get to hear first-hand information about their job, with the aim of stimulating work aspirations and also developing the students speaking and listening skills and increasing their confidence when talking to others.


All students in Year 7-13 have access to Unifrog, this is a web based tool that students are registered on. Over their time at Hazeley they will use this to record their activities and competencies they develop, which will show all the soft interpersonal skills they need for the world of work. They will be able to search pathways for post 16 and post 18, this includes Sixth form, College, Apprenticeships and Universities. Their form tutors will use the information on Unifrog for their pathway conversations and to support their decision making for GCSE, Post 16 and Post 18.

Careers Breakfasts

We host 3 careers breakfasts each year; each one has a chosen focus sector, where adult workers are invited in to meet with our students. Students from Year 10-13 who have been identified as having an interest in that area to meet with the guests to ask questions about their career and experiences. Students get an insight from first-hand information about different careers within the chosen sector, with the aim of creating links for these students with potential future employers as well as stimulating career aspirations.

Work Experience

All students in Year 10 have the opportunity to do a week’s work placement. This can either be arranged independently or through Develop, who we work with to deliver this. This gives students an opportunity to experience the world of work and develop the skills and qualities they need to thrive in the work place.

Additional Events throughout the Year

Other events may run throughout the year, delivered by the different subject areas as and when the opportunities arise.

 Parents presentation

Recommended Websites  For year 8 this will provide information about how to choose GCSE subjects.  suitable for years 8, 9 and 10 students, they will be able to take the quiz to find out which job might suit them. This will help students to explore different careers and industries through videos and articles about the world of work. suitable for years 8 and 9 gives advice on choices, choices and ideas on careers suitable for all years watch videos of people in different jobs  suitable for all years this website provides information about different jobs and the labour market. Students can also create an account and use the Skills Health Check to discover their strengths and how this might be matched in the world of work. Students will be able to access independent, professional advice on skills, training and careers. suitable for Years 10 and 11 this side provides advice on work experience, careers, choosing A level subjects and beyond can be accessed through this website. There are also a variety of workshops which can be used to prepare students for their chosen pathway. suitable for Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 students will be able to find out about different apprenticeships and how to apply students can use their personal login which they can use to research options at post 16 and 18 and work through the different tools to help them prepare for their future pathway. suitable for Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 this site will provide league tables of the best universities, allowing students to compare universities, courses, prospects and career options  suitable for Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 students will be able to compare universities and make a decision on which is best for them suitable for Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 this provides information about pathways other than university, it has information about apprenticeships, distance learning, voluntary work, jobs, training and gap years.