Academy Uniform

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Guidance for Hazeley Academy Uniform

A copy of  a letter that was issued via School Comms at the end of April 2017 to all current parents is accessible here.

A leaflet that aims to define footwear that is/ is not acceptable can be accessed here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting our uniform supplier, Shirley MK on 01908 340589 or   There is also have a website at where important information will be posted.

Orders can be placed by telephone on 01908 340589 or via email to and order forms are also available to download here or in the school via Student Services.

Thanks,  ShirleyMK


The Hazeley Academy Dress Code – Years 7-11

A leaflet that aims to define footwear that is/ is not acceptable can be accessed here.

The Hazeley Academy Dress Code – Years 7-11

  • Dark Green Blazer with the Academy badge *
  • Plain Black V-Neck Jumper with long sleeves (no logos on jumper and no cardigans)
  • Academy tie *
  • Plain white formal shirt
  • Formal black trousers or formal black skirt
  • Plain dark or tan tights or plain black or white socks
  • Plain black shoes
  • A watch and one pair of stud earrings are allowed if a student wishes

PE and Sports Uniform


  • Black/Amber outdoor sports top with The Hazeley logo (boys)* or Black/Scarlet outdoor sports top with The Hazeley logo (girls) *
  • Black shorts/skort (plain black tracksuit bottoms/sports leggings in the winter) *
  • Black outdoor socks *
  • Training shoes/boots as appropriate
  • Black Hazeley hooded top (optional) *
  • Shin pads/Gum shields as appropriate


  • White PE Polo shirt with The Hazeley logo * (girls’ fitted style now available)
  • Black shorts/skort
  • White ankle socks
  • White trainers / footwear as appropriate (non marking soles)

What is not acceptable?

The following must be adhered to:

  • Jeans, cords, hoodies, cardigans, trainers, polo shirts, caps and sweat bands are not part of the uniform and should not be worn.
  • Black shoes should be worn that are sensible for the Academy and not of trainer appearance.  Shoes must be completely black with no coloured soles/heels/laces/logos.
  • Girls’ shoes must have a sensible heel.
  • Shirts must be tucked in with the collar fastened and ties knotted and worn in a traditional manner.
  • Skirts that are short in length are not permitted. They must be worn to the knee or just above.
  • Hair colour and style must be appropriate for the Academy. Bright fashion hair colours are not appropriate.
  • Rings, large earrings , necklaces and bangles are not part of the uniform and should not be worn
  • Nose studs and other facial and body piercing jewellery must not be worn.
  • Makeup should be discreet and nail varnish should be clear only.

I would also like to bring to your attention expectations specifically relating to shoes, skirts and trousers.

Shoes  – To clarify our expectations: for further clarification and images click here

  • The shoe must be leather/synthetic leather/leather style ‘school shoe’.
  • All black.
  • It can be laced or have Velcro, or straps.
  • It can have a pointed toe or rounded one.
  • The heel should not be excessive if it has one.
  • There should be no visible branding e.g. a Nike swoosh or the toe cover on a Converse shoe.

Styles and brands that are not acceptable: -Trainers of any type including but not exclusively

  • Nike – or Nike style trainers
  • Converse – or Converse style trainers
  • Vans – or Vans style trainers in either leather or canvas
  • Adidas


If worn, skirts must be formal and black at or just above the knee in length. They must not be tight fitted, made of stretchy fabric or have a fashion belt.


Trousers must be black. They should not be ‘skinny or ‘tight ’ or have a fashion belt .

The Hazeley Academy braded items can be purchased from our designated supplier ShirleyMK .

We are very much aware that some retailers do sell ‘school uniform’ that are not appropriate for Hazeley and ask parents to check our uniform policy before making a purchase.

Please click here to see clarification of the Academy approved skirt and/or trousers style for students at The Hazeley