The Hazeley Academy places a great deal of importance on the relationship between home and the Academy and is looking to find more ways of developing further the lines of home/Academy communication.  Should you have any concerns or queries regarding your son or daughter’s progress during their time at the Academy, there are a number of people that you are encouraged to contact to discuss matters further.

Your first point of contact at the Academy is your son or daughter’s Personal Tutor.  Should you need to contact the Personal Tutor at any point throughout the year, please do so either by telephone or email.  A list of Personal Tutors for 2017-2018 can be found here. When you do contact us, Academy colleagues will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible and, whilst in situations where further investigation may be needed, it is not always possible to reach a conclusion straight away, we will acknowledge receipt of your email or phone call within 48 hours.

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding an academic matter, you are more than welcome to contact the Director of the relevant Faculty to discuss your concerns directly, rather than contacting your son or daughter’s Personal Tutor.  In certain circumstances, you may wish to contact your son or daughter’s Progress Leader who works closely with their team of Personal Tutors to ensure all students feel safe, secure and happy and are ready to learn every day.  Contact details for our  Directors and Directors of Learning can be found below:

Deputy Principal – Pastoral/Director of Confidence Mr S Healy Email click here
Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning  Mrs G Williamson Email click here
Assistant Principal – 6th Form & Pathways Mrs B Mayles Email click here
Assistant Principal – Standards & Data Mr S Whitney Email click here
Director of Maths & Computing  Mr M Sheppee Email click here
Director of Science Mrs C Haupt Email click here
Director of Creativity Mrs E Jobling Email click here
Director of Character Miss L McKenzie Email click here
Lead Practitioner Pastoral Mrs E Cox Email click here
Lead Practitioner ITT & NQT Miss A Thistlewood Email click here
SenCo Mrs J Hearty Email click here
Progress Leader, Year 7 Mr A Soper
Progress Leader, Year 8 Mr O Mortimer
Progress Leader, Year 9 Mr K Mullane
Progress Leader, Year 10 Mr K Whitbread
Progress Leader, Year 11
Miss M Woollard
Whilst first contact should be to one of the above, as suggested, should you have a more immediate and urgent query to ask of the Principal or his Vice Principals, contact should be through their Personal Assistants – contact details below:
Principal Mr T Nelson
Senior Deputy Principal  Miss T Whiteman
Student Safety

Our advice to students on their journey to and from the academy remains the same:

  • Walk/cycle with a friend or group of friends where possible.
  • Walk directly home, do not hang around on the redways or underpasses.
  • If you’re getting picked up, wait in the place you’ve agreed with the person collecting you.
  • If you see anything that’s suspicious or that worries you, tell an adult in your house or someone at school.
  • If you arrive home and mum/dad/carer are still at work; send them a text to let them know you have arrived home safely.
  • Make sure your phone is charged
  • Don’t talk to strangers or people you don’t personally know.