Principal’s Blog – Multi Academy Trust Update, 9th March 2018

As you will be aware Shenley Brook End School and The Hazeley Academy have been working together for some time in a joint approach to supporting our students.

Curriculum teams have met regularly to discuss teaching approaches so that both schools have been able to learn from each other in order to sustain and improve the opportunities for student progress. This partnership goes beyond the classroom; we have jointly worked together with regard to the provision of careers information with the involvement of local employers, in sport (we have started an inter-academy Varsity competition) and the leadership teams have developed strategies to further embed the positive start to this collaboration.

Our students have already felt the benefits of work together; last year’s Year 11 and Year 13 students in both schools achieved very high progress measures, placing us amongst the top schools nationally.

Governors at both academies have now decided to formalise the partnership and we have jointly established a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), this has been agreed in principle by the Regional Schools Commissioner and Headteachers Board. This means that we are now very close to officially becoming one organisation; the 5 Dimensions Trust. The overall Trust name comes from the underpinning five aims (or dimensions) that both schools believe in and the reasons why we have joined together:

  • To provide our students with a truly holistic education
  • To ensure that students receive rigorous academic challenge
  • To create a positive and high-performing environment for all staff
  • To embed a supportive partnership with parents, carers and families
  • To develop a meaningful relationship with our wider community

The two schools will still retain their individual identities and cultures, each with their own catchment areas and admissions procedures. By working together we will support each other to improve the life chances of our students whilst still celebrating our individuality.

If you would like to find out more about the trust and our joint future then please join us at either school at the following time:


Venue Date Time Attendance
The Hazeley Academy

L Zone (Library)


Monday 19th March 6.00pm Email: to confirm attendance
Shenley Brook End School



Monday 19th March 7.30pm Email:

to confirm attendance

T Nelson

ZTN photo Nelson