Mightier Than The Pen

On the last Thursday of term the academy set teachers and students the challenge of continuing their learning without the use of pens. This gave classes the opportunity to work in different way, thinking about their subjects from a fresh perspective. A range of methods were employed with students having to participate in debates, solve crimes, take on the roles of historical characters in a specially written opera, create their own TV adverts, as well as a range of other activities.

In Mr Attard’s Geography lesson jelly babies were used to visualise how populations change to human, economic and environmental factors. Through this practical modelling students were also able to show how countries impact each other through trade and demographic changes.

Mr Bonnet used the opportunity for his Government and Politics class to have an interactive viewing of last week’s PMQs where Theresa May had to defend her new Brexit deal. The aim being to see how politicians treat each other and their responses. The benefit approach is that it goes beyond the curriculum, where there is no time for PMQs, giving a really effective way for students to see what is involved and how it works, as well as the actual interactions of our leaders.

These opportunities to try out different learning approaches can prove hugely beneficial to students in their learning, allowing them to gain a fresh perspective on their subjects.