Making the right choice of school

It was a privilege to welcome over a thousand visitors to our open evening on Tuesday. The feedback was excellent.


As a parent of a Y6 child myself I know what a big decision the choice of secondary school is.


Those of you who attended the evening will know that my advice was based on choosing a school whose values are aligned with yours as a parent. I strongly advised any parents, who were still unsure; to visit the school again and look at the things they that they felt were most important while the school was in action.  These opportunities can be booked via my PA Mrs Gough and are unique to Hazeley in that, they are not staged in anyway; you choose exactly where you want to go and what you want to see.


When I got home from open evening my wife shared with me an article from the BBC which outlined eight things to look for at an open evening, it is certainly worth a read, the key points were:

  1. Quiz those hand-picked pupils who show you around
  2. Ask to go to the toilet
  3. Bring your child to the open evening/day
  4. Listen to the head teacher’s speech
  5. And then ask tough questions
  6. Take a good look at the teachers
  7. Visit the school again
  8. Write the deadline date on your calendar


The full article can be accessed using the below link:






Mr T Nelson