Interhouse Competitions

Interhouse competition information for the year 2017-2018 will appear here.


But just as an example please see below.


Past Events


Cobra 50 pts

Enigma 30 pts

Colossus 20 pts

Victory 10 pts


In the games played…

Cobra – Won 2 drew 1

Enigma – Won 2 drew 1

Colossus – Won 1 lost 2

Victory – Won 1 lost 2

…however…Cobra had the most players with and had to disband a team to supply players to other houses

nike-mv-vi-football-boots BOYS INTER HOUSE FOOTBALL

1st Cobra 170 points

2nd Enigma 100 points

3rd Victory 80 points

4th Colossus 20 points

cycling_road_pictogram-svg INTER HOUSE CYCLING

The event was superbly organised by Elizabeth Shirley, Amy Wells, Chloe Wright, Emily Moon, Aimee Zygo and Santhiya Chandrakumar.

The first 3 riders home were:

1st James Quirke-Cooper 9VY2

2nd Jody Watkins 6CS2

3rd Tom Johnstone 10VY2

Aimee Zygo 10CA2 was the first female rider to finish.

All gaining bonus points for their houses.

Overall house results were:

1st Victory

2nd Enigma

3rd Colossus

4th Cobra