House Leader Mr A Soper, Progress Leader for Year 7

House Charity: Hula (animal welfare)


Tutor Group Tutor
 7EA1 Miss A Bevilacqua (LAB)
 7EA2 Miss C Huggan (CCH)
 8EA1 Mr M Monte-Colombo (SMM)
 8EA2 Mr A Laurie (HAL)
 9EA1 Mr S Williams (ESW)
9EA2  Mr S Lines (MSL)
 10EA1 Mr D Makoon (SDM)
10EA2  Mr B Ransom
Support – Mrs A Maslin (LAM) Tue, Wed, Thu)
 11EA1 Mr A Collins (HAC)
11EA2 Mr K McFadden (CKM)
6EA1 Mr E Crofts (OEC)
6EA2 Mr R Swales (CRS)
6EA3 Miss V Charman (OVC)

Enigma logo

nigma: a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand

This is how many of us within house Enigma view ourselves. We are not so bold to call ourselves victorious when we haven’t had the chance to prove it. Likewise, we would never claim to be an intimidating colossus or adopt the ways of the callous cobra.

People of team Enigma are astute and stealthy. We will never sweat or use cheap theatrics to impress. Our results will simply speak for themselves. We are multifaceted and like ninjas, form part of an intricate and unstoppable team.

We are also proud to be represented by the glorious and vibrant colour yellow which allows us to shine bright against the murky back drop of our opponents.

In Hindu and tantric traditions the colour yellow is associated with the 3rd chakra which is located in the area of the solar plexus, navel, and the digestive system. This fiery 3rd chakra is called Manipura, otherwise known as the “resplendent gem”. This chakra is also said to boost self-esteem and unveils a powerful warrior energy. A healthy spirited 3rd chakra allows you to overcome inertia and instead jump-starts a vibrant “get-up-and-go” attitude so it is easier to take risks, be assertive, and assume responsibility. Finally, this chakra is also found in the area of the body where we can locate deep belly laughter, warmth and vitality. This spiritual power is embodied within all of the ‘gems’ in team Enigma.

Finally, we have reworded the lyrics of a famous song as together, with our tight harmonies and outstanding  moves, we will strike fear and terror within our unworthy opponents.

Team Enigma stay as patriotic as ever and embrace our anthem with pride.

Remember- ‘We are mysterious, we are warriors are we will not be beaten!’

Enigma song.jpg