House Leader Mr Mortimer: Progress Leader Year 8

House Charity: British Red Cross

Cobra picture.jpg






Tutor Group Tutor
 7CA1 Miss N Didcock (END)
 7CA2 Mr G Attard (HGA)
 8CA1 Miss T Thornton (ETT)
 8CA2 Mr Z Rathor(IZR)
 9CA1 Miss N Lord (ENL)
 9CA2  Mr T Rehman (MTR)
Support- Mrs S Lewis (LSL)
 10CA1 Mrs J Pounder-Lane (EJP)
Miss C Strain (CCS)
 10CA2  Mr R Spencer (CRS)
 11CA1 Mrs A Tokatly (MAT)
 11CA2 Mr D Lane (EDL)
 6CA1 Mr D Mensah (MDM)
 6CA2 Mrs T Naqvi (HTN)
 6CA3 Mrs C Wright (OCW) Mon, Tue, Wed
Mr D Officer (ODO) Thu, Fri


Four houses created for competitive stakes,

One house named after the king of snakes,

To rise above all and show its might,

Everybody fears the Cobra’s bite.

Blue is the colour to represent our team,

A compelling colour to help build our dream,

Deeply determined, dedicated, with an inner drive,

Success is the goal, for which we strive,

We relish the opportunity for our team to compete,

To stand against any opposition we meet,

Whoever we come up against, we aim to beat,

And we’ll work tirelessly to avoid defeat.

A house full of character with exceptional staff,

All of whom do nothing by half,

The House Cup is the Holy Grail,

Blue ribbons on its arms, anything less and we fail.

Cobra will breed confidence in every member of the team,

No matter how big the challenge or how hopeless it might seem,

An abundance of tenacity, a pinch of temerity and lots of heart,

These are the qualities that will stand us apart.

We will harness the creativity of our individuals to complete any task,

To solve any puzzle or answer any abstract question people may ask,

No fear of failure, always a brave face,

We will charge forward together to win any race.

Shoulder to shoulder, united we will stand,

All strategies and support will be carefully planned,

Excitement is building, the first competition is in sight,

Cobra is ready to show its might!