Holistic Education

Hazeley and Shenley Sixth Form students had their second day of training in preparation for supporting year 9 with their volunteering option for Duke of Edinburgh. Our two schools are working with the Debbie Greaves from the charity Get Involved in Volunteering whose aim is to build confidence, self-esteem and skills through supported volunteering projects.

Students learn and develop a number of different skills including building confidence, teamwork, problem solving, communication, listening, leadership, organisation, patience and tolerance.

GIV supports secondary schools to encourage KS3 students into sustainable, student-led volunteering alongside recruiting and training sixth form student mentors. We began our volunteering journey with a sixth form Lead Lesson, applications were made and students selected from interviews.

In the session today Hazeley and Shenley students undertook their safeguarding training and looked at different ways in which young people respond to positive role models. Students have been set the task of thinking about a possible fund raising activity and are all looking forward to working with the year 9 volunteers.

Holistic Education Photo

Lesley Mckenzie