History SMSC and the start of term

17th September 2018

As we commence a new academic year, we have encouraged students to consider their own history by creating their own life-timeline and have offered a warm welcome to our new year seven students. Eve Corby has written about her history lessons:

My experience so far in history has been great. I really enjoy the lessons and they are not only informative but also fun. As well as this, Philosophy and Ethics and Geography have been brilliant too! The teachers make the lessons interesting and interactive so we can make new friends and talk to different people. The teachers are all amazing. They think of great ways to keep us enthusiastic and concentrated. They are really funny but stern when they need to be. The teachers and students have been very helpful to make sure that I was at the correct lesson at the right time and with the right equipment. I have really enjoyed it and hopefully I will enjoy the next 5 years of my school life.