Health and Social Care Health Tec trip

On Thursday 28th March we took 17 year 11 Health and Social Care students to Aylesbury College to take part in a Health Tec session focusing on “The Patient Journey”. During the day the students got to experience how being elderly can affect the ability to move around independently by using equipment to restrict their movements and impair eyesight and hearing. This gave them a real insight into the difficulties encountered by the elderly population and the work involved in being a carer.

Linking in with the work of Paramedics students were also able to experience hands on CPR training, choking and the use of a defibrillator all within a totally immersive virtual classroom. Students also rose to the challenge of using a spinal board to transport a casualty to the ambulance, a tricky technique to master. Throughout the day students were able to test their hygiene efficiency with a UV hand-wash station and using equipment we had discussed in lessons such as; peak flow metres, blood pressure metres, digital thermometers and Oxygen saturation monitors. All of which linked into the work of nursing and HCA job roles.

The students engaged really well with all the tasks and it was clear to see their understanding and enthusiasm grow. Some of the less confident students in the group really surprised us by getting totally involved and volunteering for everything. This was an invaluable trip to really give the students some empathy of the situations we discuss in lesson and some practical opportunity to use the equipment they have been studying.

Thanks to Mrs Laurence and Mrs Batey for organising the trip.