Hazeley Values

At Hazeley we display Character, Confidence, Creativity

The character to make the right choices
The confidence to seize the opportunities that life provides
The creativity to come up with the best possible solutions

Hazeley People strive to do things the Hazeley way, this is comparable to British Values.

I will do this by …..

A positive mindset Using a positive mindset to develop my Character, Confidence and Creativity to change thoughts and behaviours in a quest for positive outcomes, by showing resilience and taking calculated risks.
Faiths and beliefs Having the Confidence, Character and Creativity to reflect on different experiences, faiths and beliefs and learn from them.
Fairness and team work Demonstrating fairness and team work, creating an environment of mutual support and respect.
community and modern society Having the Character, Confidence and Creativity to contribute generously to the community and modern society. I will take part in a range of activities that require different skills, relishing the opportunities to make a positive difference and allowing me to grow.
Respect the law of the land Having the Confidence and Character to choose right from wrong and respect the law of the land as well as the behaviour codes at Hazeley, and understand the consequences of my own and others actions.
Our fundamental values Having the Character and Confidence to seek to resolve conflict and challenge those who express opinions contrary to our fundamental values.
Respect and tolerance Showing respect and tolerance to the range of cultures, lifestyle choices and attitudes within our community and wider society.
Freedom of speech Having the Confidence to respect freedom of speech and expression of opinion, but the confidence to challenge if it is imposed on another.
Awareness and diversity Having awareness and respect of diversity and the Character and Confidence to stand up to prejudices, and respect individual liberty and democracy.
Confidence to be creative Having the Confidence to show Creativity through artistic, sporting, linguistic and cultural opportunities and appreciate the work of others who do the same.

This is seen in classrooms on the poster below

hazeley way