Hazeley Easter Poem

Y11 students joined staff at their weekly briefing to share this poem of thanks, a lovely end to the term
Mr Nelson


We’ve made it to Easter already, the bulbs are beginning to spring,

And we wanted to come in and thank you, for the wonderful things that you bring.

When the mornings are getting much lighter, and you might see an hour of day,

The dark evenings are over, and summer is closer, and everything’s bright in a way.

But the dreaded exams are still looming, and you’re balancing time and your books,

It’s taking a toll on your bedtime, and it’s taking its toll on your looks!


It’s easy to think we don’t notice, all the extra miles that you go,

When April’s upon us, and time is a ticking, and you can’t even hope it’ll snow!

If somebody asked ‘Why choose Hazeley?’, then the one thing that comes to my mind

Is the staff who work hard, who listen and share and who always try to be kind.

It might be a story from Nelson, or Miss Thistlewood taking our phones,

Miss Whiteman’s detentions, Jhita’s inventions, or Boswell who’s off flying drones!


Character is taught here at Hazeley, Creativity and Confidence too,

The teachers in front of us show it, in every thing that they do.

So we hope that you have a good Easter, and relax and put up your feet,

A fortnight without any teaching, must seem like a well-deserved treat.

Our final word here is a thank you, a thank you that comes from the heart,

And when we get back it’s exam time – the time when the fun and games start.