English Words of Wisdom

This year, our Year 7’s were gifted a copy of R.J Palacio’s amazing and uplifting novel ‘Wonder’ as a little treat to read over the Summer. 


It all started at Hazeleyfest, where we had a big read before bed (featuring hot chocolate and snacks) – and the students started to discuss what they thought Palacio’s message was. 


Then, during term one, we had lots of opportunities to comment on Auggie’s school experiences, talking about kindness, friendship and what it feels like to be ‘different’. The Year 7’s really impressed us with their mature understanding of disability and the way in which we treat each other. 


particular highlight for the English teachers has been the creation of ‘Precepts for life’, where we got to see the rules that our Year 7’s try their best to live by. Mrs Batson’s display in E4, and Miss Thornton’s display in E3 show just some of our wonderful words of wisdom. 



R.J Palacio’s message: ‘When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind’ has certainly resonated with us – and have meant our Year 7’s are off to a positive, caring start! 


By Mrs Stapleton