Drop Down Day Geography Trip by Isobel Martignetti

On drop down day, year 10 geography students went on a field work day to Stratford, East London. They visited 3 locations that are all related to their paper 3 work on their GCSEs: London Olympic park, Westfield shopping centre and Stratford shopping centre. In each location they collected different pieces of data including pedestrian tallies, public surveys and environmental surveys on each area the surrounding areas.


At London Olympic park they learnt about how the area was used before the regeneration and how the regeneration has benefited the surrounded area before they visited the Westfield centre, where they had time to conduct research the different shops there and how popular the centre was with pedestrian counts. After all that hard work they got free time to shop and eat! Finally they visited the Stratford shopping centre to compare the results they got at the Westfield centre.


Overall they had a unique school trip and really enjoyed the experience. Personally my favourite part was visiting the London Olympic park and learning about the regeneration that took place over 2011.