Drama House Competition:

Drama House Competition:

Over the course of this term students were set the challenge to write a 200 word monologue about ‘mistakes’. We had many entries and really enjoyed reading through the submissions.

We are pleased to announce that Tom Price (Year 10) has won the competition! Huge congratulations to Tom from the Drama Department!

2nd Place – Harvey Jamieson (Year 7)

3rd Place – Jennifer Tasong (Year 10)

Winning Monologue:

Tortured screams filled my ears. Thuds of people losing breath. The metallic room holding in my grief. My mistakes.

I was just following orders but a part of me still knew it was wrong. I’ve heard women and children split apart amid the cries of the hungry. The mud sloshed around my uniform boots as my team went to retrieve the dead. Masks on and we still said nothing. Still felt nothing.

Every day the tragic cycle repeated, more and more fumes spilling from the brick resting place. Feeble men made of wisps shovelling coal as a farewell to friends. Canals of blood and urine led to cities of broken bodies. I survey the land of coughing and disease with the thoughts of an empty man. A man who had made a mistake.

Gunshots rang as the clock ticked 12pm. The scheduled deaths left little to the imagination but yet nothing felt right. I felt that all my actions weren’t as necessary or just as the media told us it was. The screams, the cries, the pleading. What was it all for? For the country? For the Reich? For the Fuhrer? No. No. This isn’t right. It isn’t fair at all.