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Year 11 Key Information

Information for parents of Year 11 students (2016-2017)

The Welcome to the Year ahead presentation can be viewed here

On the school website under Faculties you will find lots of information on each subject including content, exam board, key dates and revision resources.


Pre-Public Exams – yr 11 – timetables can be found here

  • 28th November – 2nd December –PPEs – Mock exams for Option subjects plus Philosophy and Ethics
  • 5th January – 20th January – PPEs –  for all subjects
  • May onwards – GCSE exams, timetables can be found on the exams information page here.


Christmas work – 2016

English christmas-homework-english
Maths y11-christmas-homework-maths
Science yr-11-christmas-work-science
Geography  11-geography-xmas-homework
History  germany-1919-1939-revision-booklet




Philosophy & Ethics  year-11-p-and-e-christmas-homework-2016
Psychology  year-11-christmas-work-for-psychology
MFL  yr11christmaswork-mfl
BTEC – Performing Arts (Dance)  btec-performing-arts-dance
BTEC – Performing Arts (Acting) btec-performing-arts-christmas-homework
Music year-11-christmas-homework-music


Drama christmas-homework-gcse-drama
Art  year-11-christmas-break-art
Product Design revision-ppe-jan2017-graphics


Health and Social care health-and-social-care-markscheme



Catering  Students all have a hard copy of this work.

catering-1       catering-2      catering-3      catering-4

Media  jan-ppe-brief-media-studies
Applied Business  yr-11-christmas-work-business
PE  year-11-gcse-pe-christmas-homework
ICT / Computer Science  year-11-computer-science-xmas-hw




  • Friday 28th October – 9-12 Half term intervention for invited students.
  • Every Tuessday from W/C 31st October – Students to attend Tuesday after school revision lectures from 3.15-4.15.
  • Thursday 2nd March – In school performance of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.



  • Pupils will be working towards the new specification Edexcel (9 – 1) examination and are using the Collins Edexcel GCSE Maths 4th Edition textbooks in lessons.
  • The Maths PPE will take place in January 2017
  • Some useful websites for revision are:


  • Science past papers and markschemes website: click here
  • Thursday 27th October – Science Intervention morning- students have been individually invited in to this
  • Useful website: This provides self marking tests/quizzes that are assigned as homework or can be set by the student for themselves on a topic as revision. The login & password have been given to students in lessons.
  • 20th October – Drop Down Day – Core Science Controlled Assessment.
  • Extended answer question support – resources from the after school session can be found here.

PPE papers and markschemes from the DIRT week:


  • Geography Week A – drop in sessions to support content understanding.  This will involve students completing revision materials and being supported with relevant exam questions.  This will support Paper 1.
  • Geography Week B – Skills sessions – this will support Paper 2 and will involve going through skills based exam questions.



  • Controlled assessment intervention taking place over October half term on the Monday and Tuesday. Students will be notified by letter next week and via school comms as a reminder.
  • The controlled assessments are to be completed by the end of the first week back in November.
  • history-year-11-countdown-to-the-exam-2017


Philosophy & Ethics

  • No Controlled Assessment
  • 4 exams – each one hour long
  • 2 on Philosophy
  • 2 on Ethics
  • Revision Guides are already on the website – click here
  • new-pande-plc



  • Psychology support club is on every Friday after school in J5 for any student wanting extra help with their psychology revision.
  • Students will be provided with revision booklets for all 5 of the Psychology topics. These include a range of exam questions that they can complete at home as well as a key term list that they can be tested on.
  • gcse-psychology-plc
  • gcse-psychology-exam-skills-personalised-learning-checklist



  • MFL controlled assessments:
    • Week beginning 1 Nov: MFL Speaking Controlled Assessment (Y11)
    • Week beginning 7 Nov: MFL Writing Controlled Assessment (Y11)
  • revised-mfl-year-11-plc-31-oct


BTEC Performing Arts (Dance)

  • 4th December – Dancers have their practical assessment for Unit 2
  • 3rd – 7th April – Written controlled assessment and Practical assessment for Unit 1


BTEC Performing Arts (Acting)

  • w/b 12th December Written and practical assessment for Unit 1
  • w/b 10th April practical assessment for Unit 2



  • It is the aim to have all coursework completed by the end of December. During there will be intervention sessions every Wednesday from 3:15 to 4:15 in D1 and D3.
  • It is extremely important that the Music GCSE students regularly practice their instrument to be on schedule to record their Performance Coursework. GCSE students can use the Music Pods after school on any day or during breaks.


  • Week Ending Friday 4th November: Completion of Unit 2 ‘Teechers’ practical exploration (6 hour practical)
  • Friday 18th November: Unit 2 Completed Documentary Response coursework submission. (1000 words)
  • *TBC* April: Unit 3 Practical Exam (externally assessed unit) 40% of the course.



  • G & T Workshops: 3rd and 10th November 3.15 – 4.15
  • Intervention Day: 16th November (In lieu of PPE)
  • Coursework Submission: 2nd December
  • Exam Launch: 1st week of February
  • Exam dates: 25th, 26th, 27th 28th April


  • Project 1: Portraiture: One sketch book and a final outcome.
  • Project 2: Topics Individually selected by students: One sketch book and a final outcome.

External Exam

  • Question chosen from exam paper of approximately six stimuli
  • One preparatory sketch book to be submitted before the exam, and a final outcome completed in 2 x 5hour exam periods


Product Design

Coursework Completion Deadlines:

CA GCSE (Product Design/Graphics) Date
Criteria 1 1th Nov 2016
Criteria 2 28th Nov 2016
Criteria 3 6th Feb 2017
Criteria 4 24th Mar 2017

GCSE Graphics Revision Work – click here

Health & Social Care

  • All controlled assessment to be completed by Christmas.
  • Year 11 HSC are focusing on Controlled Assessment until Christmas, it is broken down into 5 tasks and marked out of 60.
  • After Christmas they will be focusing on exam information and practicing questions.
  • Intervention/Revision is on Friday 3.15-4.15pm.
  • H & S gcse-exam-plc



  • 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of January 2017 – The year 11 Catering students will have their GCSE practical exam.  Students will be assigned one of these days and will be off time table from p.1-4. Please note that this will contribute significantly to 40% of their GCSE.
  • Intervention sessions are on Wednesday Evening 3:15-4:15 to support students with the written work.
  • catering-new-plc



  • All controlled assessment to be completed by Christmas


Year 11 GCSE Applied Business

  • Students are currently working through the theory for their A241 exam. This will be an EXTERNALLY assessed exam paper in June 2017.
  • Students must complete each piece of homework set as this will be work set towards helping them complete their revision and assist with preparing for their exam.
  • how-to-revise-gcse-business-guides-2016-2017
  • year-11-business-2016-plc



  • Controlled assessment (Analysis of Performance) after October half term.
  • Internal standardisation of practical marks- 27th-28th February (This is the date where the PE department decides what scores to enter the students sports)
  • OCR external moderation- March-May 2017 (This is where the examination board checks the accuracy of the assessment marks)
  • Examinations- May –June 2017



 Unit 1 – Theory Examination (40%)

  • 17th May 2017 (AM/PM?)

Unit 2 – Coursework (60%)

  • Deadline for submission 16th December 2016


Computer Science:

Unit 1 – Theory Examination (45%)

  • 7th June 2017 (AM)

Unit 2 – Online Controlled Assessment (30%)

  • 15th June 2017 (PM)

Unit 3 – Controlled Coursework (25%)

  • Submission deadline = 17th March 2017