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Year 11 Key Information

Information for parents of Year 11 students (2016-2017)

The Welcome to the Year ahead presentation can be viewed here

On the school website under Faculties you will find lots of information on each subject including content, exam board, key dates and revision resources.

Top 10 tips to support your child through their exams – click here


  • Exams information can all be found here
  • Pre-Public Exams – yr 11 – timetables can be found here
  • 28th November – 2nd December –PPEs – Mock exams for Option subjects plus Philosophy and Ethics
  • 5th January – 20th January – PPEs –  for all subjects
  • May onwards – GCSE exams, timetables can be found on the exams information page here.


EASTER work – 2017

English  Paper copies have been handed out in lessons, this has also gone home on school comms.

Year 11 easter english homework

Maths  Pupils have been given a paper copy of both relevant exam papers to do over the holiday. Deadline is the 1st lesson back.

Science Combined science – complete the core science papers given to you.

Triple science – complete the core and triple science papers given to you.

Additional past papers and associated markschemes can be found here

Geography  Geography Easter homework includes updating revision folders and completing exam questions in line with TAG.  All resources and further details are available on go4schools.  Work is expected to take between 1 to 3 hours and is should be handed in by due date to class teacher.
History The Year 11 History Easter work is accessible from the History Google Apps site – the link is below;
Philosophy & Ethics Continue preparing for your Ethics 1 and 2 exams on the 15th May by completing past papers (found on the OCR website) and using the revision guides on the Hazeley website to create quote sheets and summary mind maps.
Psychology  Continue with the work as set in your lessons.
MFL Y11 HWK is to create an account with Duolingo (as an app or online) and to complete up to the first checkpoint (just after the unit called ‘Possession’).

You will need to enter a class code with your username (make it clear who you are) and join your teacher’s class. To enter a code in the correct place, follow these instructions:

Go to Settings -> Progress Sharing -> and ‘Have a classroom code?’ Here are the different class codes:

We can track how far you have gone – enter your real name, otherwise we can’t identify you.

Music Continue with your revision as set in lessons, students have been issued with revision guides – please use these to continue to revise and create your revision resources.

Make sure your revision has a listening exam focus as this is what you will be doing when you come back after Easter.

Art  Complete  your exam preparation which forms 40% of your overall grade.

Further information and examples are on “Go for Schools”

Product Design Continue with your revision, ALL students have been issued with revision guides – please use these to continue to revise and create your revision resources.
Health and Social care Please complete the papers

Catering Year 11 Catering GCSE Homework (Easter)
Applied Business  Please complete the paper and mark it

PE GCSE PE Easter Homework 2017
ICT / Computer Science Students have been provided with two past papers, one per week. Each paper should take 1 hour 30 minutes to complete and it is advised that they time themselves without using online resources. Once they complete the paper, they should revisit unanswered questions and refine them by using effective searches online. WWW.TEACH-ICT.COM and BBC Bitesize has lots of useful theory content to support their learning.

  • Week 1 – Unit 1: Living in a Digital World (Jun 2013 Paper)
  • Week 2 – Unit 1: Living in a Digital World (May 2016 Paper)

Completed papers must be bought to our first lesson back on Tuesday 18th April 2017, these will be used in the lesson.



  • Friday 28th October – 9-12 Half term intervention for invited students.
  • Every Tuessday from W/