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Twitter Accounts

Several of our departments now have Twitter accounts where students and parents can access more information, revision materials and other resources:

@hazeleyacademy:  Providng general notices for the Academy.

@HazeleyExams: Providing exam tips, dates and general information.

@HazeleyMaths:  Tweeting exam dates, revision sessions and top tips.

@HazeleyEnglish:  Exam dates, deadlines, revision, interesting quotes.

@HazeleyLibrary:   Follow The Hazeley Academy Library through our Twitter account.  Our Twitter account is updated very regularly with Library news, information about new resources, events, meetings and trips, interesting literary facts, world events, Library Assistant information and activities taking place.  If we think it’s of interest to you – we Tweet it!

@hazeleyhums:  Latest news and updates from the Faculty as well as links to revision materials, work uploaded from lessons and other additional resources.

@HazeleyICT: general information for Business and ICT.

@HazeleyScience:  Links to interesting articles, anything from the exam board or publishers of courses that are relevant.  In the run-up to exams, retweeting any useful science revision hints and tips.

@HazeleyPE:  Students are able to access updates on fixtures including results, team lists and fixture cancellations.  Revision times and exam dates are also available to view.

@HazeleyArt:  Parents can expect to see examples of sketchbook work, project work and final pieces.  These represent all the keys stages of the Art, Art & Design and Photography courses that are on offer at The Hazeley.  In some lessons, students have been told that a selection of the best examples of the lesson will be tweeted, or sometimes the one piece that best answers the task set.  The Art Department will also re-tweet information about relevant exhibitions, news articles, workshops and competitions for students to access.

@hazeleymedia:  On here students will find communication about upcoming events in the Academy, reminders about homework and any information such as pointers to interesting articles, room moves, etc.

@Hazeley6thForm:  General Sixth Form notices for current and prospective Sixth Form students.

@HazeleyB Hazeley Bushcraft Trip. Updates and photos, etc.

@Haz_Character Hazeley Character