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Health and Social Care

Students are provided with opportunities to present their ideas and participate in group work to develop confidence in their communication skills. Students also learn about communities different to their own through being introduced to a range of cultures and Government legislations which contribute to our society. Through studying Health and Social Care students investigate moral values and ethical issues through exploring real-life health and social care scenarios, and given opportunities to express their own beliefs and values.


Within Year 9 student take part in a style of teaching which puts the ownership of the lesson in their hands.  Students are given responsibilities for warm-ups, skills, equipment and other areas.  This increases independence and communication and improves social learning within lessons.


Through studying Psychology students are able to develop their awareness of SMSC. In all Psychology courses students learn to evaluate research in terms of the Psychological ethical guidelines which encourages them to develop an awareness of moral issues. Through studying Social Psychology, students learn about the impact of society on individual behaviours. We also look at how behaviours such as obedience and child rearing techniques vary across different cultures.

Travel & Tourism

This subject gives students an insight into the dynamic and ever changing industry and how it is a focal point of our leisure time. Students focus on the social and moral aspects of the travel industry as a business and the variety of opportunities it opens up for learners. In learning about the travel sector students learn to understand the cultural aspects of different countries and how they can affect travel, holiday destinations and resorts. Students learn to become independent and communicate more effectively within lessons through class discussion and role play activities whilst also learning how people of different nationalities have different beliefs and ways of life.