Promotion of SMSC

Some examples of promoting SMSC within The Hazeley Academy

Whole Academy

As you enter our Academy you cannot help but notice our world map in the Foyer area.  This indicates the areas of the world that The Hazeley students are from, as well as some of the interesting places in the world which The Hazeley Academy has visited or is connected with.  In our canteen we have flags representing our students and staff ethnicities.  When you see these two very visual images you quickly see how global The Hazeley Academy is.

Personal Tutor Time:  Through “circle time”, debates and discussions on local, national and international matters.

Lead Lessons:  Key messages are promoted and discusssed with whole year groups through our Theme of the Week.

Enrichment:  Opportunities to participate in a wide variety of clubs.  Click here to access.

Visiting Speakers: We are often joined by visitors who work with students in Lead Lessons and subject lessons.  Recent visitors have included magistrates, Headteachers from schools from different counties, Mandarin teachers, MK Dons (promoting the National Citizen programme), as well as local and national business leaders.

Student Voice:  Becoming an active member of our community and contribute to decision making and Academy improvement.

Drop-Down Days:  Global Citizenship Days focused on local, national and international agendas to enhance student understanding of different cultures, traditions and matters.  Other Drop-Down Days such as PSHE and the Health Fayre promote positive relationships with diverse communities.

Pen Pal Club:  Writing to students in Denmark, South Korea, Ghana (and shortly India too) to exchange views on our different cultures and way of life.

International Partnership – Ghana:  Supporting our partner school through penpal letters, fundraising, communication and common curriculum themes promotes equality, difference and empathy.

Academy Trips:  A wide range of Academy trips include cultural experiences of Poland, Nicaragua, New York, France and Austria – alongside trips to Warwick Castle, Magistrates Courts and working with Oakhill Young Offenders – all contribute to our students’ social moral, spiritual and cultural understandings.