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Golden Tickets (Year 10)

Golden ticket information – Summer term 2017

As we enter the final stages of Year 10 are offering the previously successful ‘Golden Ticket’ scheme – click here for a blank copy of the Golden Ticket.

This is to help ensure every student is fully prepared for the new challenges that await them in Year 11.  Our aim is to ensure that students finish year 10 up to date with all their work, whilst ensuring that this is of a suitable standard and that they have begun to produce good quality revision resources for the PPEs and year 11 exams.  For the PPE timetable please click here. There is also a blank revision timetable which you can use to help schedule revision – click here for a copy.

It also ensures that students who consistently work hard and do what it is required of them are recognised and rewarded. The ticket highlights the key areas for completion within each subject they are studying and, once all the work is completed, their ‘Golden Ticket’ card will be signed by their subject teachers.  All completed ‘Golden Tickets’ must then be handed into your child’s form tutor by Friday the 14th July 2017.

Please note that there will be a number of prizes for those students who manage to complete their tickets successfully, however, failure to complete the tickets on time may result in some students being withdrawn from some lessons until all of their allocated work is finished.  The Golden Ticket will be run in conjunction with ‘The Passport to the Prom’, a scheme that enables students to attend the Year 11 Prom for free or for a reduced price.  Successful completion of the Golden Ticket will earn each student 50 Prom Points, and equally minus 50 Prom Points if the Golden Ticket is not completed.  ‘The Passport to the Prom’ is a scheme which will continue throughout Year 11 and a real highlight in the students diaries. The date for the prom is still to be decided.

In order to make our ‘Golden Ticket’ a success we would really appreciate your support by encouraging your son/daughter to meet their targets. Targets are at the end of this letter (click here) and of course the target only applies if your child is studying that subject.

I hope you will support us in ensuring that targets are met, Golden ticket is achieved and importantly your child starts year 11 fully up to date with work and armed with successful revision skills, for support material click here. If you have any questions about this then please do not hesitate to contact your child’s form tutor or me. There is an FAQ sheet providing further information, as part of the letter – click here for a copy.

Kind regards

Miss Woollard

Progress Leader Year 10