The Time of Our Lives – Hazeley Musical Spectacular earns scorching reviews!

After months of hard work, with countless rehearsals and hours of musical practise, not to mention the blood sweat and tears over set designs, Hazeley Creativity finally got to perform ‘Back to the 80s’ – and what a show it was!

Hit after hit from the decade where hair got bigger than seemed possible was belted out to rapturous applause from the gathered crowds. With some amazing acting performances to go with the hits all three nights ended with well-deserved standing ovations.

Massive congratulations to all the students who took part, and thanks to all the staff who gave their time and effort to allow the shows to run so smoothly, especially Mr Swales, Mrs McCleery and Miss Tyrell who oversaw a spectacular few nights.

Let us take you back!


After more than a year’s worth of hard work Hazeley Creativity Team are happy to unveil this year’s musical production, ‘Back to the 80s’.

A number of staff and students have dedicated after school hours to rehearsing and preparing the production with songs, dance routines and acting performances being honed, as well as teams working on costumes and sets.

As everything comes together we would like to invite you to save a space in your diaries for Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th July and come to Hazeley to celebrate and enjoy a night of retro fun as we transport back to a time of Pac Man, Rubik’s Cubes and big hair!


COMIC RELIEF DAY by Ellie Thompson

On Friday 15th March it was Comic Relief. As a school we did our bit to raise money and get the students involved by having a non-school uniform day where the students brought in £1 in order to wear their own clothes. We also sold merchandise to students which additionally raised more money for the charity. We held a comedy and music event in the foyer at break so the students could come and support the charity and laugh together. Overall the whole day was a success, and when we get the final amount raised we will update this post. Overall as a country we raised an amazing £63,548,668!

What they do – House Representatives by Phoebe Palmer

House Representatives are students selected from each form group in every year, their purpose to help and encourage other students to take part in school events. Also they discuss ideas about the school with the Heads of Each House as well as other House Representatives, taking into account student’s personal opinions on how to improve Hazeley as a whole. By attending meetings they are able to share and see a variety of perspectives on school and what they can do to help make the quality of things better.

For example: House Representatives had the idea to change students ties to reflect their house colours. This was in order to make each House stand out and be able to recognise which House each student is in.

If you think you have an idea about how to make the school even better, why not speak to your house representative?




Thursday evening saw the Hazeley Music Department follow up their successful Christmas celebrations with the Spring concert. Choirs, ensembles, groups, duets and solo acts performed in a variety of styles including classical, pop, blues, rock, opera and jazz on a wide range of instruments. The talent on show was impressive and drew rapturous applause from a large audience. A massive congratulations to all of the talented students who took part and a huge thanks to Mrs McCleery for organising it all.

World Book Day by Ellie Thompson

Thursday 7th March was World Book Day and many of the teachers celebrated it by dressing up as famous characters from books for students to try to identify. It created a great atmosphere in the school as students were having fun looking out for teachers that had dressed up and identifying them as well as having them teaching their lessons. What better way to learn about Macbeth than have Lady Macbeth teach you? For the last lesson of the day every student got to read for an hour which is known as DEAR day (Drop Everything And Read). A couple of times a term we do this which improves reading ability across the school. As well as this the library had “Book Tasting” which is where the librarians put out menus on the table as well as table cloths so that the library felt like a restaurant. Students then had the chance to find the flavour that they liked best!

Drop Down Day Geography Trip by Isobel Martignetti

On drop down day, year 10 geography students went on a field work day to Stratford, East London. They visited 3 locations that are all related to their paper 3 work on their GCSEs: London Olympic park, Westfield shopping centre and Stratford shopping centre. In each location they collected different pieces of data including pedestrian tallies, public surveys and environmental surveys on each area the surrounding areas.


At London Olympic park they learnt about how the area was used before the regeneration and how the regeneration has benefited the surrounded area before they visited the Westfield centre, where they had time to conduct research the different shops there and how popular the centre was with pedestrian counts. After all that hard work they got free time to shop and eat! Finally they visited the Stratford shopping centre to compare the results they got at the Westfield centre.


Overall they had a unique school trip and really enjoyed the experience. Personally my favourite part was visiting the London Olympic park and learning about the regeneration that took place over 2011.

Mightier Than The Pen

On the last Thursday of term the academy set teachers and students the challenge of continuing their learning without the use of pens. This gave classes the opportunity to work in different way, thinking about their subjects from a fresh perspective. A range of methods were employed with students having to participate in debates, solve crimes, take on the roles of historical characters in a specially written opera, create their own TV adverts, as well as a range of other activities.

In Mr Attard’s Geography lesson jelly babies were used to visualise how populations change to human, economic and environmental factors. Through this practical modelling students were also able to show how countries impact each other through trade and demographic changes.

Mr Bonnet used the opportunity for his Government and Politics class to have an interactive viewing of last week’s PMQs where Theresa May had to defend her new Brexit deal. The aim being to see how politicians treat each other and their responses. The benefit approach is that it goes beyond the curriculum, where there is no time for PMQs, giving a really effective way for students to see what is involved and how it works, as well as the actual interactions of our leaders.

These opportunities to try out different learning approaches can prove hugely beneficial to students in their learning, allowing them to gain a fresh perspective on their subjects.



Hazeley Christmas Concert

On Thursday evening the Hazeley Academy music department got everyone into the festive spirit with a rousing Christmas concert. Students performed a range of different songs, from traditional carols to modern pop, ranging from the Hazeley choir to small groups and individual instrumentalists. The quality on offer was exceptional, with the outstanding musicianship being matched all the way by the spirit of fun and entertainment. Lead teacher of Music, Mrs McCleery said, ‘I was really pleased that the event was supported by so many staff and students – thanks to them all for coming. It was a huge success to have an event involving students from Year 7 right up to Year 13, which really shows the quality we have running right through the school. I’d like to thank the students for practicing so hard and representing themselves and Hazeley so well; to the site team for helping with the set-up of the event; to the creativity department for their consistent support with all aspects of the organisation of the event. Rehearsals will now get underway for our next concert on Thursday 28th March, and we hope to see so many people attend again.’

KS3 Students win Bronze Crest Awards in Science


The Hazeley Academy Science department endeavours to provide engaging opportunities for students and this year , 37 students in years 7 and 8 completed the bronze CREST award for research. To achieve this students worked individually or pairs to research topics such as vaccinations and how mosquitoes spread diseases in tasks that developed both their understanding and the inquisitive nature required to be a successful scientist. Etiene told us that the most interesting element of discovering about these diseases was that ‘we also found out how to help people,’ with Jasper adding that it was intriguing to see how the diseases and vaccines linked and that ‘the malaria vaccine had only been available since this April and it was fascinating to be working with the latest research.’ For Arisa, it wasn’t just about the findings but also about the team work involved, as she commented on ‘how many people had to work to develop just one vaccine.’

The hard work and dedication of our students means that now all of them can proudly display their Bronze CREST award. As well as this, 25 year 7 students had the opportunity to visit the Birmingham ThinkTank Museum where they programmed Lego robots and witnessed an explosive chemistry show. Edie told us about the dangers of putting hydrogen in birthday balloons as ‘if it goes near candles it will explode. The scientist threw a torch at it and it went kaboom!’

The inspirational day was a huge success with the students gaining so much from exploring the museum.  In September, look out for news on all of the amazing things we have planned for next year in science! As Minnie said, these kind of activities help to ‘learn about new things’ and for Heather it wasn’t just about the science but the transferable skills as she learnt ‘how to make a good presentation online”.


Students who took part:

Dylan Khatkar

Heather Peck

Zar  Rafique

Edie Savage

Intisar Adekanmbi

Katie Allen

Mille Allford

Harison Bavananthan

Jessenia Bostan

Daniel Brooks

Joanne Carter

Owen Caul

Lewis Corby

Paul Cucu

Etien Depolla

Arisa Fatima

Tania Godoy

Rhys Goodwin

Leah Herring

Jasper John

Rayyan Khan

Laraib Kiani

Tin Yan Li

Mitchell Lloyd

Carla Lozano-McInerney

Minnie Press

Ahsan Rizvi

Krishen Shah

Izzy Silver

Caiden Studman

Jacob Walker

Nayana Wallis-Patel

Nicholas Hughes

Rishigar Manohar

Marcos Martinez Simon


By Maddison Gibbs

This term saw the Art department working on one of the most difficult aspects of the subject: life drawing. The lessons took place within the academy and involved some of our strongest year 12 art students, offering them a life changing opportunity to develop key skills and to enhance their coursework portfolio. In order to achieve this they needed to display sensitivity and maturity, which according to their proud teacher Mrs Sear, they demonstrated magnificently.

For the first sitting on the 20th June students were understandably nervous, not quite sure of what to expect. The skill of life drawing is daunting for anyone, but these students were determined to grasp the opportunity and make the most of it; acknowledging the contribution it gives to their coursework portfolio and in helping them to strive for higher end grades. The task required skill and a keen eye for detail, and whilst many did show signs of apprehension and an uncomfortable nature, the way it was handled and the respect shown to the model was highly appreciated. By the end of this session, students had started to piece together ideas and work, bringing their drawings to life.

By the second sitting on the 27th of June the earlier anxiety was nowhere to be seen as students got eagerly back into their work. Mrs Sear told us, ‘Many students started to develop and progress their artistry further than before, understanding and developing their own work into new and improved areas.’ The end of this session was the final one and all sixth formers felt a sense of accomplishment with the work produced. For many it exemplified how much they had learnt and progressed this year and filled both themselves and their teachers with pride.

 The opportunity set up by the Art Department was one that was highly appreciated and valued by all involved. When over, the maturity that the students showed was appreciated by the model herself who commented on how it was one of the best modelling experiences she’d enjoyed, with the engagement and the politeness directed towards her by the students making the situation less nerve wracking. This great experience, and the maturity shown by our students, means that the Art Department will be able to offer more opportunities like this to KS5 students. We are proud of all students involved, who have helped to further spread the good reputation for our academy.


By Gursev Kaur

Attention! Shocking news has reached us that Harvey the Husky has gone missing and a crack team of year 6 detectives have been trying to break the code to urgently find where he’s disappeared to. A number of Hazeley suspects have been identified, including Mr Nelson, Miss Whiteman, Mr West, Mr Lane, Mr Crofts, Mr Matthews, Mr Hughes and Mr Rose.

Oh wait…you’re wondering why year 6 students are in Hazeley? Don’t worry the whole exercise is part of their transition day and Harvey the Husky’s disappearance is an opportunity for students to use their literacy and numeracy skills in a fun way. The Year 6s have enjoyed several transition days at the Hazeley Academy over the course of July, to allow them to gain a greater understanding of the values and ethos of their new school. This involves getting a taste of the larger building and greater independence that transitioning from primary school requires: the large crowds of friendly people at the Hazeley Academy, the introduction to their differing subjects and giving the opportunity to get to know their form tutors and teachers who support them over the coming years.

The suspects of the ‘Great Hazeley Dog-Napping’ were even made up of year 7 form tutors, Mr Hughes – the Progress Leader and a few other key faces to help them settle in. The perpetrator was even changed for each day, so that their friends back at Primary Schools couldn’t ruin the surprise!

The transition days have been a great success with the new crop of Hazeley students participating in group work to gain house points whilst getting to know their future school friends.

Some Year 6s that we interviewed stated that they are really ‘enjoying being at Hazeley’, that they are ‘excited about History, Science and Languages’ as well as some even saying that their task on cracking the code for Harvey the Husky was ‘Better than doing Algebra… but it is a bit like doing Algebra!’.

We are pleased to see that the Year 6s have enjoyed their transition days over the last couple of days and we wish them a successful and wonderful first year at the Hazeley Academy.


by Chloe, Amy and Ayesha

In their recent Drop Down Day year 9 students learnt about the dangers of plastic products and how they affected wildlife in the ocean. To develop their understanding and awareness of the issues they produced a colourful collage of sea creatures using recycled materials and fabrics. The inspiring work included creations of turtles, jellyfish and stingrays.

Did you know?

  • Scientists have recently discovered micro-plastics embedded deep in the arctic ice
  • Around 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans every day
  • 5000 items of plastic pollution have been found per mile of beach in the UK
  • Recent studies have revealed marine plastic pollution in 100% of marine turtles, 59% of whales, 36% of seals and 40% of seabird species examined
  • Over 1 million sea birds have been killed due to pollution

YR8 Football Team

County Cup Champions March 2018


After a hard fought campaign the Year 8 boys had made it to the final. The Final was played at a brand new, top of the range facility (Arbour Park).

The boys had produced some amazing performances in the earlier rounds scoring more than 12 goals so they were confident coming into the final. In the first half Hazeley created a lot of chances hitting the cross bar and the post. But towards the end of the first half it was still 0-0. Then after a couple of genius tactical changes by Mr Crofts, Joe McCorquodale opened up the scoring with basically his first touch. Hazeley ended the first half 1-0 up.

Then from the very start of the second half Misbourne came back fighting, Hazeley had to hold strong against a barrage of Misbourne attacks. But as it often happens in football Misbourne were caught by a counter attack from Hazeley. A quick attacking run from Colin Mbugua resulted in a goal for Charlie Waller. From that point on the game was end to end with both teams attacking fiercely.

Then 5 minutes before the end of the game Hazeley broke through the Misbourne defence as Oli Lynch dribbled passed several defenders before placing the ball in the opposite corner of the goal.

A well deserved result!

Hazeley win 3-0 

Bletchley Park Art Project – STEAM

About Artsmark

Since September Ms Sear and a group of Art students have been working collectively on a project set to include the ‘Arts’ into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and make it STEAM. This, if successful, would lead to each participating school being considered for an Artsmark accreditation.

The Artsmark award “provides schools with access to enviable networks of leading cultural organisations that will enable them to use the arts to engage and develop happy, self-expressed and confident young people and inspire teachers.”


Students and the Art department have worked relentlessly to achieve this award, including countless afternoons after school creating artwork for Bletchley Park. The project, led by Chris Holmwood from Shenley Brook End School, asked five local schools to participate. This included Slated Row, who designed a musical called ‘Bletchley Boogie’, Emerson Valley who choreographed and performed a dance, Shenley Brook End and Buckingham who like Hazeley created artwork. .

Hazeley were asked to create artwork to represent each of the Hazeley houses, which of course derive from the important history of Bletchley Park. In addition, students were given a second task to respond to the architecture of Bletchley in their creative way.

Not only has the work that the students created helped Hazeley be considered for an Artsmark accreditation, but students have also now been put forward to gain an arts award for themselves and the hard work they have put in to this project. Their work will be moderated in July and we will find out if they have been successful. Watch this space!!!

Well done to Ms Sear, Mrs Goody, Mrs Bush and all of the Art students that took part in this project.