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Natwest – “Outstanding Service to Cricket Awards”

On Monday 9th of October I was invited to Lords Cricket ground in London for a national awards ceremony. I was nominated for the ‘Outstanding Services to Cricket Award’ by my old County, Wiltshire, for my commitment and dedication to coaching the youth players at my local cricket club.

Although I didn’t win the National award in the end, I had a great day, going on a tour of the ground, meeting Eoin Morgan, the England one-day captain, and hearing from guest speakers including Stuart Broad, England’s 3rd best bowler of all time.

Mr. Merriman













































British Transplant Games

Mike - british transplant

Mike - hall

 Kidney Failure is a life changing event for anyone – particularly children as it will be with them for all their lives, having to come to terms with not only the stress of operation and recovery, but remembering to take medication, drinking water and avoiding certain food which has to become a norm.

 During last year  two people at Hazeley Academy  had this life changing operation and are now well on the road to recovery.

Denny Gorman Year 11 and Mr Halward (Design Technology)

 What was also amazing was that during the summer they both decided to take part in the Transplant Games in Glasgow, the event dubbed the “Transplant Olympics” had over 2500 spectators and around 900 competitors aged between 5 and 85 taking part.

 The event aims to celebrate the “Gift of Life” and highlight the importance and benefits of transplants along with remembering the donors who had the generosity to donate their organs and tissue and in doing so save lives.

 At the games Denny received a gold in Field Sports (shot put), he also took part in table tennis, archery – while Mr Halward received a Bronze in Archery, this is the first time they had taken part in the games.  

Mike - archery

Mike - archery Denny

Mike - denny table tennis

 It was a very emotional event for all involved.

 mike & Denny

Everyone at Hazeley is very proud of both of them and wish them well.

  We would like to Celebrate this achievement by presenting Denny with an Archery Bow to help him succeed in next year’s games Birmingham – Going for Gold!

In Scotland currently over 45% of the population are now on the NHS Donor Register.

Are you kidney aware? – find out more here

A Mathematical Theatre Trip

by Mr Sheppee


On Thursday 14th September Mr Mensah and Mrs Hearty took a group of 36 Year 10 students to see a lecture show of The Curious Coincidence of Maths in the Daytime. This performance explained the maths behind the best-selling novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and the application of maths to the theatre production that accompanied it. The lecture fully explained the many cultural references that were hidden in the book and the application of maths in music and architectural design. As part of this performance Daudi Wampamba got up on stage and sang alongside Rob Eastaway and had the sound signal analysed using the trigonometry that they have learned.




Creative students win Waterstones competition.

“Design a Dragon” competition.

Last week children’s author Cressida Cowell (How to Train Your dragon) visited Waterstones MK as part of the book tour for her new book “Wizards of Once”

Waterstones Mk ran a competition for school children in two age groups,which involved drawing a fantasy dragon.

@Hazeleylibrary promoted the competition and we received some fantastic entries, which we took along to the store.

Mrs. F. represented the school and was lucky enough to meet Cressida and get a signed book and poster.

We are very happy to announce that Cressida (after much deliberation) chose two of  our students as winners, each receiving a signed limited edition print.

These were awarded to Grace and Lucy from Year 9 by Mr.Nelson on Monday morning during their Accelerated Reader lesson.

dragon grace&lucy 25-9-17

Congratulations to both girls!

Thank you to all the students who took the time to enter and If you happen to be in the city centre, take a moment to have a look at Waterstones window where their designs are displayed.

dragon window2 25-9-17

To see more pictures of the book signing why not have a look at @WaterstonesMK

A year of learning about our Rights…

Written by Antony Viccars, Hazeley Unicef Ambassador

As the academic year draws to a close, Hazeley Unicef Ambassadors begin to reflect upon our achievements and the successes we have had working hard within our community. I wanted to start by saying that the community that has been formed is nothing short of wonderful and it is truly outstanding that we can accomplish so much as a team in such a small space of time. Everyone has different highlights but we can all agree that one of the biggest benefits is the character we have developed over the past academic year. One of the best things that this year has brought is a newfound partnership, and I, for one, have never been too strong working in a larger team but I have improved upon that lacking skill and I know that many others feel the same. From teamwork to public speaking; by building up character, we are able to overcome any fear. However, we have had times of struggle as well, including Miss Griffiths’ struggle with Capri Sun obsession.

MK Citizen sharing our successes this year

MK Citizen sharing our successes this year

Awareness-raising campaigns, such as an entire week dedicated mental health, have also been enjoyable. In a spin on the popular social media trend, ‘The Mannequin Challenge’, we stood still for an excruciatingly long time, just to teach our classmates a little bit about their rights (check out the video here: If that’s not commitment to the cause, then who knows what is. We also visited Bletchley Park to learn about internet safety, a growing issue in society today. We have worked with several local charities, such as the Food Bank, as well as national and international charities alongside the student council. Charities have also visited the school, such as Amnesty International, on more than one occasion, to talk about why our work is so important. The benefit of these visits is that we are able to empathise with people on a personal level and have conversations about the charity, as opposed to reading a block of text online and then copying it into our own words. This motivates us to work even harder – for the goals, for our rights, and for the people that are yet to have them.

Miss McInerney, in Creativity, also brought to us the incredible opportunity of working with Beano/Marvel illustrator, Kev Sutherland, in creating the MK50 MK School Comic Book, of which we made the front cover.

Whether serious or fun, all of the work completed this year has made us think in a positive way, rather than the negative. Perhaps, in just a few years, we can make people think enough to change the world.

Thank you for a year of immense progress, and we all look forward to many more.

– Antony

Sports round up from Confidence

sports day NAS

It has been a very busy time for the students and staff at The Hazeley Academy. On Wednesday 12 July we launched our first Sports Leaders Award course for 14 invited Year 9 students. They were introduced to the leadership course that will be running for next years’ Year 9 students in curriculum time and the then Year 10 students will be our ambassadors for sports leadership. They impressed the course leader so much he has invited them to join forces and lead sports festivals for primary schoolchildren with students from SBE school next year.

On Thursday 13 July we held our annual sports day – always a competitive yet friendly affair. Cobra had been victorious for the last 2 years yet Enigma had gone into the day leading the houses by 10 points. We saw a range of activities for each year group from the more traditional tennis and rounders to alternative sports like tug of war and capture the flag. All students participated in a sporting manner and the afternoon saw all students and staff off timetable and out on the field to watch the 100m, 200m and relay races alongside some welly wanging as well. The day ran on schedule and we were able to announce the winners, for a third year running it was COBRA but only just, 20 points ahead of VICTORY with COLOSSUS in third and ENIGMA in fourth.

And it didn’t stop there – Friday 14 July culminated in the Sports Presentation Awards afternoon where over 180 students, and staff from the PE team, celebrated what has been a great year of sporting success. We gave out certificates to recognise our young sports people who participate at various county, regional and national levels across a range of sports outside of school, many of whom also represent the school in their preferred sport or other sports.

The team of the year was awarded to the Year 9 Boys Football Team for their successful run in the County Cup being crowned County Champions with a 2-0 win over local rivals SBE.

On Tuesday 18 July we took a group of students from 7C1 PE class to SBE to participate in our first inter-schools National School Sports Week final. During week commencing 26 June we had held our own version of a primary school sports festival and SBE had held their own. We decided to have the winners from each school meet up and play each other. They participated in egg and spoon race, bean bag on the head, skipping, vortex throwing and relay. The students from both schools acquitted themselves really well and there was a great sense of friendly rivalry and encouragement. I am pleased to announce that Hazeley took the honours this year and we look forward to it becoming an annual partnership event.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Here are some photos from The Hazeley Academy’s, “Wonderful and amazing” production of “Wizard of Oz”.

A huge thank you to all the talented and committed students who took part and to all the Hazeley staff and parents who gave up their time and expertise to make it possible.



“The True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid,”

L. Frank Baum – ” The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”

Transition Day for our soon to be Year 7

Transition day on the 3rd July was an excellent day for students, teachers and everyone enjoyed themselves. A whole range of different lessons were taught during the day including science, creativity, character, MFL etc. as well as the famous jelly bean challenge.

240 students from 31 different Primary schools  across the city and beyond, attended a full day of learning. Tutors were delighted to meet their new tutees and many pupils made new friends and experienced learning at Hazeley.

Online Safety – Hazeley students take centre stage!

On two occasions this academic year, Hazeley Academy students have been involved in the production of  an Online safety film and app aimed at young people to keep them safer online.

Students from Year 8 and 10 have been in front of the camera, working with the Milton Keynes Safeguarding Children Board and film-maker Rheya Brigden from Brigden Productions.

In January, members of the KS4 Drama class spent a cold day with Mr Hayles and the film crew at Bletchley Park, filming scenes for an online safety app that was launched on 7th February, Safer Internet Day. The app forms part of the online learning resources available on the Bletchley Park website. Rheya emailed after the filming to say how impressed she was with them.

“The students were fantastic!  They were very professional, focused and extremely patient in the cold weather.  I was very impressed with their performances and their ability to take direction”.

Have a look – Bletchley Park safety app.

In the last week of the summer term, Rheya and the Safeguarding Board returned to Hazeley to interview Year 8 and 10 students about their own experiences of keeping safe when going on online. Filming took place in the Learning Zone, which attracted the attention of other students passing by on their way to lessons! Two primary and one other secondary school in the city are participating in this film; once it’s complete, we’ll share it with everyone.

Thank you to the students that agreed to participate in both projects – never easy to step in front of a camera, and to their parents for giving them permission to do so. It’s invaluable to be able to hear directly from young people about how to best support them in navigating ever-changing online apps and website safety. Thanks also need to go to the staff who supported the whole process on both occasions.

library - online safety filming yr8 18.7.17

library - online safety filming yr10 18.7.17

Where has the year gone?

Library pic.

Library – @HazeleyLibrary

Extra information is available by clicking on the underlined links in this blog.

The library has had a very busy and successful year having issued over 10,000 books, with year 7 alone borrowing 4000 books.

At break and lunches we have had many interesting conversations with students: what they have read and what we can recommend, why they have loved or not liked a book.

Tom Gates and Diary of a Wimpy kid are once again our top issued books; Robert Muchamore’s Cherub series has not spent much time on the library shelves, being particularly popular with YR8 & 9s.

Some of our most requested and popular books this year have a film or TV tie in #Booksbeforefilms

The Fault In Our Stars

Maze Runner series

Divergent series

Harry Potter series

Thirteen Reasons Why

A series of Unfortunate Events

Everything Everything

Miss. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


The new GCSE 9-1 books have been very popular with the upper years; using the resources in the library as they revised for end of year exams.

Accelerated Reader

AR corner summer 17

We have had two amazing millionaire pizza parties this year with 61 year 7, 8 and 9 students who each read over a million words from September to May.


pizza party 10.7.17


Our 61 millionaires combined, read an impressive 107,006,416 words helping to reach a year 7,8 and 9 total this year of 255,896,354 words with 6512 quizzes passed.

Congratulations to all our Accelerated Readers!


Summer Reading

Need some ideas for books for the summer?  Visit your local library and take part in the Summer Reading Challenge .

We look forward to welcoming our new year 7 in September who can collect vouchers from the CMK & Westcroft libraries when they take part in the Challenge.

Keep reading over the summer, we look forward to hearing about what you have read.

Here are some of our new books waiting to go on the shelves in September!


Trip to Birmingham Think Tank – Monday 10th July

For the second year running, a group of our top Year 7 scientists went on a trip to the award-winning science museum in Birmingham: The Think Tank. Once again, the day was a huge success: students loved exploring the interactive exhibits and had tremendous fun exploring the science garden.

This year, we started our trip with an interactive workshop exploring DNA. The students were able to successfully extract their own DNA and many of them took the sample test tubes home as a souvenir! We then took some time to explore the museum itself, including the famous Science garden – students had an excellent time exploring Science in a fun, energetic way before heading up to the planetarium in the afternoon. Students listened very well to the astrological commentary and the staff we very impressed with all the thoughtful questions the group had at the end of the session.

The students represented the Academy wonderfully and the staff at the museum made a point to comment on the smartness, engagement and academic ability of our students. It was a pleasure to supervise such a dedicated and enthusiastic group of students; they were a credit to our community.


T.tank group-11.7.17

Find out more – Birmingham Think Tank

Bushcraft 2017

Following on from the success of last year’s Bushcraft, this year involved 85 year 8 students, and 10 staff taking part in our Adventure based in Cornbury Park – West Oxfordshire.  From the moment the children  arrived the amazing Bushcraft staff  actively involved them in a wide range of activities; from building survival shelters, understanding  how to light fires, using knives safely to make tent pegs, camp cooking – pizza, cakes, kebabs, first aid, taking part in a SOS rescue etc.

It was interesting to see the children develop their skills over the week, entering in to the spirit of Bushcraft which also endorses Hazeley’s 3C. Over the five days you can see them being actively engaged and  coming out of their shells, really enjoying themselves in activities like free swimming in the freshwater lake, archery or taking part in Tribes got talent amongst others.

We are already starting to plan our 2018 adventure and hope that we will get more children and staff involved.

Mike Halward
Bushcraft Adventure Organiser

Eden’s Balances and Tumbles to Gymnastics Success

Gymnastics2 -ED 11.7.17

Eden Albiston in Year 8 competed in the Bucks County Individual Apparatus competition this weekend (8th & 9th July)

and became the County beam gold medallist and County floor silver medallist.

A massive congratulations to Eden, who has really worked hard in her training and always gives her best for school teams at the same time as being dedicated to achieving academic success. A young lady who has managed to create a work life balance and is reaping the rewards – long may this continue.

Wizard of Oz tickets are now on sale…

wizard of oz ticket sales 28.6.17

As well as rehearsing hard for the Hazeley Academy’s production of “Wizard of Oz”, students are busy selling tickets in the school foyer at break.

Show dates are Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th July 7pm.

Tickets: £4 child & £6 adult.

“Then close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, there’s no place like home.”
L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

UCAS Higher Education Exhibition at Bedford University

UCAS Exhibition 2017.png 19.6.17

“Students in Year 12 attended a UCAS Higher Education Exhibition on Monday 19th June at the University of Bedfordshire’s campus in Bedford.

Every student was invited to speak to representatives from universities nationwide, apprenticeship programme representatives and also experienced subject specific lectures. The students returned with bags of resources to aid them with their applications and have since been writing their personal statements in preparation. The event helped our Year 12s to decide on subjects and university as they had the chance to chat with students studying all over the country.”

Find out more about the exhibition here…

Have a look at UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service)