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Hazeley drops everything to read…


DEAR day- 13.6.17 outside library

The whole school – students and staff alike – started Tuesday the 13th of June off in a very literary way. Over 1000 of us spent the first hour of the day in the most relaxing manner by taking part in the DEAR Day event, in which we decided to Dropped Everything And Read. Students were transported to various worlds, time periods and into the minds of a multitude of characters.

Lewis Evans in 7EA1 remarked on how he finds reading ‘relaxing, calm and peaceful’ whilst Brooklyn Sykes from 7VY3 stated how she ‘pictures herself’ in the books she reads.

We thank parents, staff and students alike who have supported our three DEAR Days this year.

Daniel Lane

KS3 Coordinator for English

Even Mr. Francis our Site manager, took time out from his busy day to have a quiet read in the library.

Even Mr. Francis our Site manager, took time out from his busy day to have a quiet read in the library.







Principal’s Awards

principal awards - Cw 19.6.17

Chad Wilson receiving his Principal’s award for winning the MK Schools Athletics 100m in a record time of 13 seconds. This meets the English Schools National qualifying time and is an amazing achievement for a young man who has only competed in this event for a year.

principals awards - MM 19.6.17

Mahida Miah receiving her Principal’s award after gaining highly commended in the national competition Step into the NHS


Records, medals and a great day out for Hazeley students at the County Athletics.

athletics1 10.6.17

On a sun drenched Saturday 10th June, students from The Hazeley Academy took part in the ESSA County Athletics Championships. All our students represented the academy superbly and showed both confidence and character during their events.

.  From year 7 we had outstanding performance from Chad Wilson, who not only became this year’s 100m county champion but equalled the county record with a time of 13.00 seconds. Mansuru Donkor also put in a fantastic performance finishing second in the 100m with a time of 13.1 seconds giving the academy a one, two finish in this event.

athletics2 10.6.17

Another excellent performance came from TJ Murray-Grant who qualified for the final in the 200m with an excellent 25.9 seconds in the junior boy’s competition.

athletics3 10.6.17

Ethan Harbias-Wiltshire completed the 200m in a scorching 22.9 seconds. Charley Madgin and Jessica Nuttall took time out from a busy exam schedule to put in solid performances finishing 6th (2.23.7) and 4th (2.34.8) respectively.

A huge thank you to the students who took part and also to Mr Cole, Mr Hall and Mrs Madgin for giving up their time to ensure the day was a success.

The Hazeley Academy presents – The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz poster 14.6.17



House Points Update

Hazeley Houses display 14.6.17

Girls Dodgeball

Girls in Y7 to Y10 took part in dodgeball tournaments during their PE lessons at the end of the spring term.

All results across the year groups were combined to give the final finishing positions.

1st Enigma 50pts (14 games won)

=2nd Cobra 30pts (7 games won)

=2nd Colossus 30pts (7 games won)

4th Victory 10pts (5 games won)

Literacy Booklets

Each term students complete  literacy booklets and hand them in. Those completed are rewarded with house points. The spring term results are below:

1st Colossus 50pts (54 booklets)

2nd Enigma 30pts (49 booklets)

3rd Cobra 20pts (23 booklets)

4th Victory 10pts (0 booklets)

Y7-11 Attendance

At the end of each term we look at the attendance figures on Go4Schools and award house points. Enigma have maintained an unbeaten record of having the best attendance each term, students in Cobra need to work hard on improving their attendance to school

1st Enigma 50pts

2nd Victory 30pts

3rd Colossus 20pts

4th Cobra 10pts

Sixth Form Attendance

1st Enigma 50pts

2nd Victory 30pts

3rd Colossus 20pts

4th Cobra 10pts


The achievement points recorded on Go4Schools are also calculated each term to ensure houses receive house points. Cobra have again come out on top for achievement this term

1st Cobra 50pts

2nd Colossus 30pts

3rd Victory 20pts

4th Enigma 10pts

Overall points as of 26 May 2017

1st Cobra 1200

2nd Enigma 1160

3rd Victory 910

4th Colossus 820



Sports day on Thursday 13th July offers the opportunity for lots of points.

It’s all to play for!

Drop Down Day Friday 9th June

Drop Down Day Friday 9th June

By Lewis Baybutt, Lara Berkeley, Hannah Berkeley, Charlotte Downing and Oli Eyers

Press officers

creativity - intro group


On drop down day – June 9 – year 8 participated in an Indian themed creativity day where students enjoyed taking part in various activities such as Mehndi, Mandalas and much more. Our team of press officers have brought together a blog for you to read: including pictures of students enjoying themselves throughout the day.

creativity- art 2

In one of our Art classroom’s (H2) students took part in an activity called Mehndi where they used glitter pens and gems with paints and stencils to create body art for their hands and faces. Lots of students enjoyed the creative activity of this class.

In another one of our Art classroom’s (H4) students participated in the same activity but they designed the Mehndi on hand templates on paper. They used coloured felt tip pens to create Indian themed patterns inspired by henna. The students could also work as a team to create larger designs on bigger hand templates using sugar paper.

creativity- DT 3

Downstairs in one of our DT rooms (E10) students took part in a similar activity drawing Mandalas on templates. Mandalas are circular figures that represent in Hindu and Buddhist culture. Different mediums of coloured pencils and felt tip pens were used to form the student’s wonderful works of art. Some of the teachers joined in too. Mr Jhita also conducted this activity in his room or rather outside where students drew Mandalas using chalk on the pavement outside.

creativity- catering 4

Our team of press officer’s noses were engulfed by a wonderful smell coming from the Catering classroom F8. In the catering classroom students were making a delectable vegetable curry, where they had to chop vegetables into small pieces. They would fry the vegetables in a teaspoon of oil before adding 100ml of water based stock. To thicken the curry students added cornflour to give the already amazingly tasting curry the right texture. Curry powder was used to give the food a wonderful flavour and some spicy heat. The curry took roughly 1 hour to make and it was worth it.

creativity- music 5

In music, back at D3 students were using the piano to play a piece of Indian music called Teri Meri which sounded great once the students were in key. Students were learning how to play music and although some students didn’t enjoy it as much as others they all gave it a great try.

creativity- media6

In the media rooms H10 and H11 students were learning a movie narrative and were working on storyboards that were hand made. In the next media class the students were talking about movie trailers and their features. They identified how trailers show the main characters as well as music to grab attention to the audience.

Relaxation and meditation is also a big part of Indian culture so one of the activities that students took part in was Yoga and meditation. Students passed round a golden coloured metal bowl at the start of the of the lesson they also had a wooden utensil which the students used to tap the bowl then move around the bowl making a sound which was part of the meditation session. Students then proceeded to move on with the lesson using exercise mats to do the yoga making humming sounds, controlling their breathing and using the word Namaste as a word of peace. Yoga is the oldest form of exercise around today.

In Drama, the group was talking about the difference in lifestyle in India to the United Kingdom. They talked about the fact that there is no running water. They discussed how the things we take for granted are a struggle for them to get. The students were then asked to create a performance on Indian lifestyle using existing drama skills to create a drama scene. They discussed how people a poor in the slums and they made a comparison between India and the United Kingdom.

creativity- end picture 7

A big thank-you to our YR8 Press officers!

Principal’s Awards


Find out about “Step into the NHS” here

Hazeley Trip to Italy


“Gita bellissima a Verona, lago di Garda e Venezia!”

italian flag

Mission accomplished!

I took 28 students in Y8, Y9 and Y10 to Italy with Mr Healy and Mr Ryan and we thoroughly enjoyed the first Italian  trip.  It was a great experience and the students were really enthusiastic at the Italian school in Verona.  They gained more confidence in speaking Italian. They loved their “prof” Laura e Alessia, very passionate and so inspirational who made them understand that speaking Italian is a pleasure and not a labour!


Under the light and invisible rain, we liked visiting Juliet’s house, eating an ice-cream outside the Arena- a Coliseum in miniature in Verona and discovering the beauties of lago di Garda e Venezia, so celebrated in the British magazines and on British TV. We went through Venezia by a “vaporetto”, not rich yet to afford to visit it by “gondola”.


“La dolce vita”– we Italians call it- everything was “dolce” (sweet) from the three course dinner every evening served by the Italian chef (the students wanted to kidnap the chef because he was so good at cooking!) to the amazing monuments and the natural landscapes we saw. We had lots of fun, we met really friendly people and most of all we learned that everything pays off when you put effort into it.


A special thank you to Rob Butt who organised this trip and made this experience memorable and valuable for my students.


Ciao Verona, lago di Garda e Venezia- see you next year!

Anna Bevilacqua


MK50, our students help create a comic book.

mcinerney - use (2)

As many of you will know already, Milton Keynes turns 50 this year. This is something that is being celebrated across the city and throughout the year with numerous events being put on for locals to enjoy. One of the special mementos of this celebration that is being created is a comic book dedicated to the celebration of MK’s 50 years designed by Kev Sutherland, a Beano comic artist! A group of Hazeley students were lucky enough to have a two hour comic book master class given by Kev.

In these two hours they learnt how to draw in a comic book style, created their own comic characters and then each created their own comic book strip. These are now going into a selection of comic strips created by children across local schools in MK, and the best will then be selected to go into the main comic book which will be available to the public at Art in the Park which is taking place on the 1st  and 2nd July in Campbell Park.

Kev also created a caricature of each of the students and Miss McInerney and we were all able to take home a photocopied version of the comic strips which Kev put into a mini comic book for us. They are amazing and we are so excited to see the final product at Art in the Park.

mcinerney - use                   mcinery - use

Why not have a look at how MK50 is being celebrated in Milton Keynes.

Photography competition success.

As part of MK50 celebrations, Gill Prince and Jane Charles launched a competition aimed at young people aged between 11 and 22.

The Art department  promoted the exhibition to our Art students, some of  whom then sent in photographs of Milton Keynes.

Fifty photographs were selected and printed for the exhibition and four Hazeley students now have their photographs on show at Christ of the Cornerstone Church.


Well done to Jade Millward, Year 11,  Jasmin Jenebert and Hannah Dare, Year 8 and Maisie Hughes, Year 7.


You can see also see their work on the Art departments twitter feed.  Along with the Unicef students who have worked with Kev F comic book artist this week.

Hazeley Academy Plus!

Batson - shakespeare

Over the last two terms, some of our Year 7s have astonished the English department with their ability to study Shakespeare texts at A-Level standard! This sparky group have partaken in an extra-curricular course to develop and extend their knowledge of English Literature, adventurously undertaking to learn Shakespeare’s Othello. By the end of the course all students were able to construct a highly successful A-Level Literature essay, writing with the clarity and maturity of much older students.

The students involved performed excellently throughout the programme; the English department were incredibly impressed with their maturity, focus and insight as well as their sophisticated engagement with the Shakespearean language. Students were rewarded a special certificate of recognition and we hope that this will mark the beginning of a fantastic career at the Academy; we particularly look forward to welcoming them into our Sixth-Form in four years’ time!

We can’t wait to run more Hazeley Academy Plus programmes in other subject areas and are very excited to see what the future holds for this clever courageous bunch!

Mrs Batson

A-Level English Literature teacher and Hazeley Academy Plus Co-Ordinator.