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Principal’s Blog 17th August – Record A-level Results at The Hazeley Academy

Record A-level Results at The Hazeley Academy

Students and staff are today celebrating record A level results. An almost perfect pass rate with an exceptionally high number of students gaining top grades, especially in mathematics, economics, history, geography, languages, psychology, business studies, law and the sciences.

The initial analysis suggests that results are amongst the top 10-25% in the country in terms of progress, with high ability students performing particularly well compared to similar students in other schools, broadly gaining one grade higher than their counterparts in “average schools”.

Student Achievements:

Two of our students will be heading to Cambridge University.

Copy of IMG_0536Sachin Patel – 5 x A* at A Level will allow him to embark upon a course in Engineering at Cambridge
Giorgio Ragozzino will be studying English Literature at Cambridge after achieving A*AA at A-Level.

Other notable high flyers include:

  • Cerys Hughes A*AAA – Nottingham Chemistry
  • Daniel Onan A*AAA- UCL- Scandinavian Studies
  • Priya Vashistha A*AA – LSE- Accounting and Finance
  • Amy Wells A*A*AB – York – Molecular Cell Biology
  • Liam Critcher A*A*A – Nottingham – Mathematics  (AC)
  • Hamid Miah AAA – Bath – Economics
  • Kiaah Ubhi AAA – Gap Year
  • Yasmina Bugel A*AB- Leeds Law
  • Huma Mahmood AAB- Birmingham – Bio Chemistry
  • Anjali Kumar A*A*C – Birmingham – Politics, Policy and Economics

It is great to see these wonderful young people interacting with their exceptional teachers and receiving such outstanding results as a reward for all their hard work.

Well done to all students, staff, parents and governors; outcomes like these are all from an exceptional team effort.

ZTN photo NelsonMr Nelson

Principal’s Blog 21st July – End of Academic Year

End of Academic Year

As we reach the end to the academic year we can go into the summer break with confidence knowing that as students, staff, parents and governors we continue to do all we can to support our young people working towards qualifications they deserve. We know that we have gone far beyond this and supported our students in developing their Character, Confidence and Creativity, and crucially we supported each other to gain fulfilment by playing a positive role in our community. We know that we all gain more by giving more.

Although our hopes are high, the truth is in these turbulent times we don’t know what the exam outcomes will be; no one has yet seen what a Level 9 Maths GCSE looks like. We do know that good, bad or indifferent we will respond as an academy and as individuals with a will to make the most of what we have and a commitment to improve further.

On Thursday 13th July our Governors voted in principle to explore formally the creation of a Multi Academy Trust with Shenley Brook End School. This means that our journey of improvement will not only be with the staff, students, parents and governors at Hazeley, but also with those at Shenley Brook End School.

This partnership will be a key theme in the years ahead as two of Milton Keynes best schools unite in their collective mission of working together to grow a vibrant community of exceptional people. We hope that in the fullness of time we will be joined on this journey by other local schools that share this vision and our values.

Partnership with parents is at the centre of our Hazeley ethos. When we return we will be running a number of open mornings where visitors can enjoy the opportunity to see the academy in action; the visitors decide exactly where they want to go and what they want to see. I feel privileged to be the Principal at an academy where we have the confidence to be so transparent.

Although we enjoy in the region of 1000 applications for our 240 places in Year 7 we do hold an in-year waiting list for all year groups and these open days also create an opportunity for new and prospective parents to find out more about Hazeley.

Term and student return dates can be found HERE.

I hope that you have a lovely break, enjoy the extra time with your children and I look forward to seeing you all again in the new academic year.

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Mr Nelson

Principal’s Blog 14th July – A prom, a trip to Borneo, flying machines, Maths puzzles, car parks, a wizard, tin-man, and a lion with the most amazing mane.

A prom, a trip to Borneo, flying machines, Maths puzzles, car parks, a wizard, tin-man, and a lion with the most amazing mane.

Last week ended on a high with the fabulous Y13 Prom. It was an absolute delight to be allowed to share a wonderful evening with such an exceptional year group, celebrating and reminiscing the last seven years. Results day will be with us in a flash and they will all go off either to exciting university courses or into the world of work
blogMr Higgins has been sending regular reports from the World Challenge trip in Borneo which departed in the early hours of Monday morning (pictured left). This is no doubt a future blog in the making.

Closer to home we enjoyed the company of Y5 and 6 students this week taking part in literacy/ numeracy events (building flying machines) and a gifted and talented Maths day. It was a particular pleasure to speak with so many parents who are already very much feeling part of the Hazeley family. One year 6 student said, “I can’t wait to start in September, I have already made loads of friends and it already feels like my school”- this is exactly what we hoped to achieve.

Thank you for those of you that continue to support the trial of the new car park lay-out. We are hopeful that with a few tweaks it will make things smoother and safer for all members of our community.

The PE team have enjoyed a high profile this week with sports day (well done Cobra!) and sports presentation afternoon. As if this was not enough they also ran a joint sports leader’s event with Shenley Brook End School and our Y9 students.

Last and certainly not least literally centre stage this week has been the production of the Wizard of Oz. If you missed it, then you missed out on something very special. Great songs, great set, great acting and an abundance of laughs. All involved deserve to be very proud of their achievements.

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Mr Nelson

Principal’s Blog 7th July – exciting adventures

If I had to pick a theme for this blog it would be exciting adventures.

Last week I visited Cornbury Park to see first hand how our 85 x Year 8 students were enjoying living wild in deepest Oxfordshire. It was clear from the moment that I arrived that the amazing Bushcraft and Hazeley staff had actively involved every student in a wide range of activities; from building survival shelters, lighting fires, camp cooking, first aid, taking part in a SOS rescue and even Tribes Got Talent.

blog 1 It was interesting to listen to the students on their return talk about how they developed new skills over the week by entering into the spirit of Bushcraft, perfectly linking to Hazeley’s 3Cs.

A special thank you has to go out to the 10 staff who lived under canvas for the week to support the trip and especially Mr  Halward who led the organisation of the event

Our new Y7s also embarked on an adventure this week as they joined us for their transition day.  It was a privilege to meet the students, parents/carers and to receive such overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Students told us that:

  • They loved the lessons (especially the Bunsen burners)
  • They felt that their form tutors cared
  • Staff were firm, but very friendly
  • The Y7 helpers were great
  • They loved the food!

The parents echoed this:

  • Their children came home happy
  • The day was well organised
  • Staff were very friendly and had already taken time to get to know their children
  • Their children had made new friends
  • They were confident more than ever that they had made the right choice in Hazeley

As always we will be working hard to make things even better next year.

And finally we were joined by new Year 12’s both internal and external candidates, who promise to be a group of remarkable young people. It was great to see them rising to the challenge of A level lessons and grasping the opportunity to make new friends, trying new activities and making that important next step into adulthood. This was made all the more possible due to the leadership of the 6th Form Team and exceptional role modelling by our current students.

It certainly has been a week of exciting adventures!

Mr Nelson


Principal’s Blog 30th June – Career Choices

Career Choices

The world of work can seem a long way off for students, and it can seem a daunting task choosing their career path, particularly in a changing world where the jobs of tomorrow are not even created yet! To support students in making these choices we provide them with lots of different opportunities to meet with people from different career backgrounds.

All our students this year have or will have a Worktree ‘Work Out’ session which involves meeting workers to gain first-hand careers information, volunteer work guests join others in a school and simply answer questions about their personal experiences of work. The aim is to stimulate work aspirations and develop vital speaking & listening skills.

Individual subject areas have also hosted guest speakers to speak with the students about their chosen career and answer any questions they may have. Year 12 Law students met 4 solicitors from Denton Milton Keynes Office who spoke with them about life as a solicitor and different practice areas such as commercial, land, corporate and employment law. Whilst a group of our Year 8 and 9 students spent a day with Network rail graduates, they worked with them on railway engineering challenges

We have hosted three Careers Breakfasts this academic year where students were invited into the academy early in the morning to meet with an array of employees from different sectors. The students are given the opportunity to explore their role and employment in more detail, through a ‘speed dating’ style question and answer session, all over an enjoyable breakfast. The employees speak openly and honestly about their chosen career, which has helped students with their pathway decision.

The first breakfast focus was engineering, students from Year 9 through to Year 13 met with individuals from a range of engineering back grounds, including London Underground, Network Rail, Siemens, TXM Plants.  The realisation and reinforcement for some students that going to university to study engineering was not the only way to access jobs in engineering and that looking for apprenticeships for when they leave the academy would be an excellent alternative.

Our March breakfast saw employees from the Health and Social Care sector meet with our students who have a keen interest for a career within this profession.  Nursery Nurses from Cherry Trees Nursery, Willen Hopsice Nurse, a Social Worker and Mental Health Social Worker from Milton Keynes Council were amongst those the students had the opportunity to meet. All the students who attended could see the importance of the care values and developing these for a career in the Health and Social Care profession.


The most recent breakfast involved those from the world of business, finance and entrepreneurship, with guests from ICM, Mazars, Network Rail, Simply Education, Arcadis. Students were able to hear about their work history and the different routes they had taken to their current role.

Hazeley will continue with similar events next year, if you would like to be involved in any of these activities, please contact

Becky Mayles photo.jpg



Mrs Mayles
Assistant Principal Pathways

Principal’s Blog 23rd June – Challenging Times

Challenging Times

The news is full of stories that challenge our student’s resilience, understanding and sense of where they are in the world.

Our core values at Hazeley of Character, Confidence and Creativity direct us to engage with these challenges in a constructive way as we guide our students (and each other) on a journey towards playing a positive role in our community.

I wanted to use the blog to share with you some of the materials that have been presented and discussed during form time to support students with these difficult topics. Please click here to view these as a here

I hope that you take a moment to view them and possibly use them as a way of engaging further with your own children to help them make our community a more positive, cohesive and inclusive place to live.

I am also delighted to report that students have collected £268.05 in donations towards the Grenfell Tower fund. An idea put forward by one student and then acted on by a team of student volunteers.

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Principal’s Blog 16th June – Drop Down Days

School should be fun and exciting and one of the ways we look to achieve this at Hazeley is through providing a wide variety of enrichment activities. By running Drop Down Days we can offer such activities to the whole cohort of students. The blog this week focuses on the activities that have taken place this academic year.

Drop Down Day

At Hazeley we have experienced three Drop Down Days (DDD) this academic year, most recently on the 9th June. A Drop Down Day is when the usual timetabled lessons are suspended to allow students and staff to work on a wide variety of different projects to develop Character, Confidence and Creativity even further.

What happens on a Drop Down Day?

Inviting people into school from local companies is key to making the day’s exciting and different to a normal day at school. This year we had a wide range of external support from indoor golf, Bollywood dancers, musicians, artists, mathematicians, Young Enterprise, first aid and Yoga, to name but a few.   In June Year 9 participated in ‘Learn to Earn’ empowering students to take ownership of their life choices, think about their career options and the qualifications they need to pursue them. Students explored personal skills and talents, recruitment and job interviews, career choices, salaries, earnings, tax, the cost of living, financial planning and budgeting.

r1Some subjects use the time to focus on a particular aspect of a subject, for example completing Controlled Assessment work that contributes to a final GCSE grade. In October, Year 11 students worked on a piece of Science controlled assessment and in January, Year 10 did the same in History and Geography. The length of time that a whole day focussed on one topic allows students to become fully immersed in their work.






Drop Down Days are also used to support revision and exam preparation. In January Year 11 spent the day in English getting to grips with exam technique in the new 9-1 GCSE. Year 10 had half a day with English and half a day with Maths in the most recent day, to help prepare them for the upcoming Year 10 Pre Public Exams (PPEs).


Year 12 and 13 participated in the October and January day, giving the June one over to PPEs and summer exams. With the theme of ‘preparing for life beyond school’, students learnt how to cook some classic student dishes, manage their own finances, improve their personal statements for UCAS as well as work in teams to plan and deliver a fundraising event for local and national charities supported by an external mentor.

An advantage of Drop Down Days is the way they allow us to use staffing creatively too. The excellent Pathway Preferences Taster Day for Year 8 in January had 22 different members of staff from across all faculties delivering KS4 taster lessons on a rotation across eight shorter lessons to allow the students to try out different subjects prior to making their preference choices.

r3 There have been a number of trips on offer during the year, with Year 7 visiting two different castles and the Natural History Museum and Year 9 visiting several locations as part of an Art and Nature themed day in the Autumn, as well as very successful Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition in June.







Thank you to our students, who had to push their boundaries, develop new skills, improve old ones and experience something different. Plans are already in place to make the Drop Down Days for 2017-2018 even better!

Louise Baldwin photo


Louise Baldwin,

Deputy Principal

Principal’s Blog 9th June – Quick Look at the Term Ahead

Quick Look at the Term Ahead

Firstly I hope you will share my admiration for Sarah Ikumu and her amazing performances on Britain’s Got Talent. Sarah reflected so many of our Hazeley values; her modesty when receiving the golden buzzer, her powerful comeback when narrowly missing the vote to reach the final and her confidence when performing in the final show.  I am certain this will just be one step on the road to a hugely successful career.

On the subject of success exam season has got off to a good start at Hazeley and our fingers are firmly crossed that the hard work of the students, parents, carers and staff will be rewarded with results that reflect their commitment.

The term ahead promises to be a busy one full of various events including trips, academy productions and proms.  Some key dates include:

Teach Meet
Monday 12th June
Hazeley will be hosting a Teach Meet more details of what promises to be an inspiring event can be found HERE
Business Breakfast
Tuesday 20th June
7.00am – 9.00am
Representatives from local business will share their experiences with each other and our students with a focus on Finance, Entrepreneurship and Management.

For further information please contact:

Y8 Bushcraft Trip
Week Commencing 26th June
Students will be travelling to Oxfordshire for their Bushcraft Adventure. No doubt they will return older, wiser and considerably muddier.
Y11 Prom
Friday 30th June – eve
Y11 students celebrate the end of the exam season and their KS4 studies at their Prom.
Y6 into Y7 Transition Day
Monday 3rd July
Hazeley welcomes our new intake of students for an action packed, super-friendly transition day.
Sixth Form Induction
Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th July
Students from across the city will join Hazeley over 2 days to prepare for their Sixth Form studies.
Y13 Prom
Friday 7th July
We will say farewell and good luck to our truly fabulous Y13 students at their Prom.
Academy Production
Wizard of Oz
Week Commencing 10th July
Look out for details of performance dates, times and ticket sales for Hazeley’s production of Wizard of Oz.
Sports Day
Thursday 13th July
Students from all year groups will compete for their House.


Sports Presentation Afternoon
Friday 14th July
Students and staff will come together to reflect on the years sporting successes and highlights.


ZTN photo Nelson



Mr T Nelson


Principal’s Blog 26th May – Next Steps

Next Steps

The build-up has been a long one; however exams are now in full swing with both Year 11 and Year 13’s working very hard.  Hazeley staff are immensely proud of these students and the young adults they have become.

We have an exciting end of term ahead of us including activities such as Sports Day (Thursday 13th July), Academy production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (week commencing 10th July), Transition activities for the new intake both Year 7 and Sixth Form, Creativity Showcase (20th June) and our final Drop Down Day of the academic Year on Thursday 9th June.

We wish all students a well-deserved break over half-term and look forward to welcoming them all back on Tuesday 6th June.

ZTN photo Nelson



Mr T Nelson

Principal’s Blog 22nd May – The Hazeley Way

The blog this week is written by Mr Healy, Deputy Principal with key responsibility for behaviour.

The Hazeley Way

We are currently sailing a sea of change in terms of our education landscape and whilst the horizon looks far from clear (new assessments and GCSE grading’s, new specifications, less funding, teacher recruitment concerns) what remains stable and consistent is the 1400 plus students who arrive each and every  day at Hazeley.

There is also nothing more rewarding than meeting with ex-Hazeley students and hearing how well they have progressed. Almost every conversation contains one of 2 things:

  • The highly positive relationships with staff with anecdotes such as “do you remember when” .
  • How being organised and self-sufficient at school has helped prepare them for life beyond the gates.

At Hazeley we do expect our students to be organised. We recognise that some students may require additional support with personal organisation and this is offered through Form Tutors, Teaching Assistants and Year Group Learning Mentors (R2L).  As a parent myself it can be a fine line between doing it all for your child and they become over reliant  and letting them get on with it which can seem like setting them up to fail.  What we do know is that students need to come to school prepared, on time and have eaten a breakfast that will provide long lasting energy.

Some areas for students to consider:

  • What lessons they have each day?
  • What equipment do they need?
  • What is coming up this week i.e. catering ingredients, PE kit, or a pending trip that requires payment?

At Hazeley we reward and recognise through the use of stamps where students consistently meet expectations. We are also looking at revamping our rewards system for 2017-2018 to recognise the achievements and efforts of our hardworking students.

Our expectations are set out in the Behaviour and Discipline policy which can be found on our website LINK.

  • Communicate effectively
  • On time, on task
  • Do as you have been asked the first time of asking
  • Equipment for learning
  • Succeed and progress.

At Hazeley we find the CODES system simple yet effective (full details can also be found in the above policy).

Occasionally students can make the wrong decision and will be issued with a Code from C1 to C5. If a detention has been issued staff will endeavour to advise parents and carers by phone or email and a detention sticker will be put in the students planner to notify the time, date, location and duration of the detention.

Failure to attend a detention will result in a 1 hour Senior Leadership Detention. Failure to attend this escalated sanction will results in an internal isolation.

Support at home can include:

  • Checking student planners regularly to praise the collection of stamps or query blank spaces, consequences, notes from teachers or detention stickers?
  • Using the planner or email to communicate with a member of staff (including dentist/doctor’s appointments).
  • Use of Go4Schools to review latest progress review reports/attendance/ punctuality.

If you are not already using Go4Schools then please take a look at the help sheet on our website LINK.

If you have any questions please contact your child’s Form Tutor in the first instance.

Steff Healy photo




Mr S Healy
Deputy Principal









Principal’s Blog 12th May – Mental Health

Mental Health

mental healthAcross the UK, schools are facing a rise in pupils suffering from mental health problems. According to the charity Young Minds around 3 children in every class suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder.  With so many pressures on children and young people it is vital that we support them by promoting mental health awareness within school and at home.

A few weeks ago my lead lessons (assemblies) focussed on mental health and more specifically the advice from the NHS in relation to what we can all do to help our own mental wellbeing.

Thanks to the good work of our recently promoted SENCO, Mrs Hearty, during the National Mental Health Awareness Week (8th May – 12th May) The Hazeley Academy and Shenley Brook End school will be working together to further raise awareness of emotional wellbeing and mental health.

In form time students will be able to access and reflect on information about how to recognise signs of stress, depression and other mental health issues that they may be experiencing, how to self-manage and where to go to for more support including a range of useful websites:

If you are interested in mental health and want to hear some inspirational stories you may want to look up mind over marathon on the BBC website

ZTN photo NelsonMr Nelson

Principal’s Blog 5th May – Nǐ hǎo (Hello) Huānyíng lái dào Hazeley (Welcome to Hazeley)

Nǐ hǎo (Hello) Huānyíng lái dào Hazeley (Welcome to Hazeley)

This week ten 14-16 year old pupils from China have arrived to spend 9 weeks studying at The Hazeley Academy whilst living with families in the local area. This is the longest period of time that we have hosted an international exchange and the experience is already proving to be beneficial for our students as well as our guests. The purpose of the trip is for our visitors to improve their English language skills and to immerse themselves in British culture. This will be helped by a week -long trip to London, as well as Edinburgh later on in their stay where they get to put down their pens and paper and pick up a camera for some sight-seeing. Intellectual exploits are high on the agenda though with the students already having sat an iGCSE in Mathematics in their first week here!

visitorsThe International students attend lessons alongside Year 9 “buddies” from Hazeley who have each paired up with one of the visitors to help them experience life as a Hazeley student. Our Chinese visitors attend all lessons (apart from Modern Languages) with their buddies and also get to join them for lunch and break-time, experiencing all aspects of life in a British school. Coming from a school in the heart of the city of Beijing, the Hazeley grounds and sports facilities have made a huge impression, as have our Year 9 buddies who have been doing an amazing job making the students feel welcomed and comfortable in their temporary school.



Mr Whitbread
Progress Leader – Year 9


Principal’s Blog 28th March – Partnership Working

Over the past two years Hazeley has been working increasingly closely with Shenley Brook End School and the primary schools across the west of Milton Keynes. Initially the work was relatively ad-hoc, however this year it has developed into a more structured partnership.

There are 5 clear aims to our joint working which guide everything we do:

  • The provision of a holistic education
  • The rigour of academic challenge
  • The creation of a positive and high performing environment for staff
  • A supportive partnership with parents, carers and families
  • A meaningful relationship with the wider community

The work has led to many benefits for young people in our schools including:

  • Improved transition from primary to secondary school
  • Sharing best practice between teaching staff (for example how to teach an assess new curriculums)
  • Sharing best practice between school leaders
  • Supporting with the appointment and training of staff
  • Running joint events that link with the community such as Career Days and Business Breakfast.

The governing bodies at Hazeley and Shenley are now working with primary school colleagues to explore what the future might look like. Their aim is very clear; to develop a vision, structure and systems that benefit all of the young people across the western side of Milton Keynes.

What is already evident is that the individual ethos and characters of separate schools will be firmly preserved. As Principal I am very much behind partnership working as this this creates an exciting yet secure future for the staff, students and partners of The Hazeley Academy.

ZTN photo Nelson


Mr Nelson



Principal’s Blog 21st March – That Golden Buzzer Moment

That Golden Buzzer Moment

 I am sure that many, if not all, of you will have watched Hazeley student Sarah Ikumu’s amazing performance on the opening episode of Britain’s Got Talent.

A performance that culminated in the Golden Buzzer being pressed by head judge Simon Cowell.

Sarah has secured an automatic place in the live semi-finals taking place in May; not just a wow moment, also an amazing achievement.

What leads to this Golden Buzzer moment? Those who know Sarah are aware of the hours of practice she has invested into her singing and the depth of support she has enjoyed from her friends, her church, the academy and most importantly her family.  We have seen this quiet, reserved girl step out of her comfort zone to compete in, and win, Hazeley’s own talent show, the H FACTOR and then only last year won the Milton Keynes Young Musician of the Year.

Your own Golden Buzzer moments may not involve being live on National TV on a Saturday evening, but the formula is relatively simple; talent + effort + support + seizing opportunities lead to amazing things.

The formula hides the level of challenge and achievement, personal sacrifice, wrestling self-doubt, overcoming failure, taking calculated risks, staying true to your values which all takes something special, something that Hazeley works hard to find in every student.

I am certain that Sarah can count on the support of the Hazeley community in the months and years ahead as her career blossoms and she continues to develop and share her beautiful gift.

ZTN photo NelsonMr Nelson




Performance Link: LINK



Principal’s Blog 31st March – End of Term Round-up and Reminders

End of Term Round-up and Reminders

Spring has certainly sprung and we are set for a lovely Easter break along with a very enjoyable and successful summer term.

The partnership between home and academy is a key factor in student’s progress and happiness.  Parents who work closely with the academy almost guarantee greater success for their child.

The key questions below are designed to offer reflection on how we might be able to work in even closer partnership.


Working Together – Some Key Questions

Do you check your child’s planner on a weekly or daily basis?

The quickest way of finding out how your child is doing at school is by looking at their planner and we suggest this becomes part of a daily/weekly routine. A full set of stamps is a great sign. A missing stamp will normally be supported with a symbol such as a H (missing homework), L (Late to lesson) and a C1, C2, C3 or C4 (poor behaviour).
If you have any questions about your child’s planner and stamps the best person to contact is their form tutor.

Have you logged onto Go4Schools in the last month?

Our online reporting and communication system is Go4Schools. In it you will find a wealth of information about your child’s progress and homework. To find out more click HERE.

Are you confident that your child’s uniform will meet expectations at the start of the new term?

We are very grateful to our supportive parents/carers and continue to be very proud of our high expectations in relation to uniform. When we return there will be a particular focus on ensuring student skirts are an appropriate length and that trousers are not of the “skinny” variety. More information regarding uniform expectations can be accessed HERE.

Do you support your child being on time each day?

We will be having a further push on punctuality and your support is absolutely critical. Students who arrive late for school are placed at a real disadvantage, often missing out on key messages and preparation time.

Does your child always arrive at school with the correct equipment?

Where parents/carers encourage their children to have a rigid routine each evening which involves packing their school bag for the next day, support their child by removing barriers to learning. Please note delivery of non-urgent items such as PE Kits, catering ingredients etc. will not be accepted by the reception team.


If you have answered yes to all of the above with confidence than you should feel reassured that you are helping set your child up for a successful summer term.

Thank you for your support, it is deeply appreciated.

All students return to the academy on Tuesday 18th April 2017. Term and Key dates can be accessed on our website HERE.

Yours sincerely,

ZTN photo NelsonMr Nelson