‘The Big Debate’ Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet

Our UNICEF club and Current Affairs club attended the MKYCAB ‘Big Debate’ to discuss a number of topics which students across Milton Keynes voted on including Knife Crime, Votes at 16, climate change and young people and mental health.

Students worked in groups on their chosen topic, looking at a range of different argument. The Knife Crime group were joined by the Metropolitan Police to look at stop and search, whether it is currently used enough or whether it should be used more. The police officers were able to engage in a debate with the students and make them aware that some people feel they are stopped unnecessarily and there is still a need to allow law abiding people to move about freely.

We learnt from Mark Lancaster MP with the Votes at 16 debate that 97% of all data in the world has been published in the last three years and how society might deal with this. Discussion also revolved around the importance of social media groups being required to remove anything offensive from their site and how they need to be responsible about what they publish just as there is a responsibility on newspapers to report accurately.

Students asked whether it was possible to have more traffic lights and it was explained that MK is unique in being the only city where you can travel from one side to the other without traffic lights. It was confirmed that traffic lights slow down traffic so the argument was that roundabouts are more efficient for moving traffic effectively.

Well done to our Hazeley students making speeches with the microphone and getting their voice heard.


English Words of Wisdom

This year, our Year 7’s were gifted a copy of R.J Palacio’s amazing and uplifting novel ‘Wonder’ as a little treat to read over the Summer. 


It all started at Hazeleyfest, where we had a big read before bed (featuring hot chocolate and snacks) – and the students started to discuss what they thought Palacio’s message was. 


Then, during term one, we had lots of opportunities to comment on Auggie’s school experiences, talking about kindness, friendship and what it feels like to be ‘different’. The Year 7’s really impressed us with their mature understanding of disability and the way in which we treat each other. 


particular highlight for the English teachers has been the creation of ‘Precepts for life’, where we got to see the rules that our Year 7’s try their best to live by. Mrs Batson’s display in E4, and Miss Thornton’s display in E3 show just some of our wonderful words of wisdom. 



R.J Palacio’s message: ‘When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind’ has certainly resonated with us – and have meant our Year 7’s are off to a positive, caring start! 


By Mrs Stapleton

Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet and Student Voice

This term all Hazeley students and students across Milton Keynes were involved in a national vote on young peoples’ issues called Make your Mark.

The results showed what students thought were the most important issues to be tackled and which now will be taken up by the Youth Parliament.

Science Year 8 Lessons on Nutrition

This term Year 8 students have been studying food and nutrition in their science lessons.  We have discussed what nutrients our bodies need, which foods contain these nutrients and how they can be combined to form a balanced diet.  Students have looked at food packaging so that they know how to find out what the nutritional content of some of their favourite foods is.  We have also studied what happens when we do not eat a balanced diet, with some very recent news highlighting the consequences of long term malnutrition.


Year 7 – Welcome to the Year Ahead Presentation

Following the recent ‘Welcome to the Year Ahead ‘ open evening we are pleased to share with you the presentation from the evening.

Year 7 – Welcome to the Year Ahead Presentation

Should you have any questions or concerns please email your child’s’ form tutor.

Unifrog – Guide

In keeping with our commitment to provide students with outstanding careers guidance and tailored support when choosing their next step after school, we will now be using Unifrog; an award-winning, online careers platform. Currently students in Years 8-13 are already registered on unifrog, by the end of the Year 7 students will have access to this excellent website as well.

Unifrog brings into one place every undergraduate university course, apprenticeship, and college course in the UK, as well as other opportunities, such as School Leaver Programmes, MOOCs and every college at Oxford and Cambridge. This makes it easy for students to compare and choose the best university courses, apprenticeships or further education courses for them. They can also explore exciting opportunities further afield by looking at English taught undergraduate programmes available in different countries around the world.

Additionally, the platform helps students successfully apply for these opportunities by writing their personal statement, applications and CVs and guiding them through the process, allowing teachers to give live feedback.

Students access the tool for the first time using a sign-up code which is unique to their form group, those students who are not yet enrolled on the platform will do this with their tutor during the year. They then login using their email address and password and they can do so from any computer, tablet or smartphone. We would encourage you to use the platform with your child so you can support them through the process of deciding their next step.

We have also set up a parent login so that you can use Unifrog as if you were a student yourself, allowing you to truly support your child. The form code you need is: HazeleyParent and you can sign up here: www.unifrog.org/code

Please find a Unifrog – How to guide – Unifrog

For more information, go to www.unifrog.org



Summer Programme

The MK Youth Faculty and MKYCAB have put together a summer programme with lots of activities in and around MK.  There are some FREE activities and some have a charge.  All you need to do is complete the application form to reserve a space (for most of the activities). Please click here to access the programme

There is hopefully something for everyone to have fun with this summer!

The Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet have set up life skills workshops which includes first aid, make do and mend, personal safety and looking at culture.   There is a variety of courses to help young people learn skills to help them with life!

Any queries or questions please contact me at lmckenzie@thehazeleyacademy.com

Lesley McKenzie

Holistic Education


Year 10 Health and Social Care Trip to HealthTec @ Aylesbury College

Year 10 Health and Social Care Trip to HealthTec @ Aylesbury College

On Friday 21st June we visited HealthTec at Aylesbury Campus.  We began the day by discussing some of the 350 jobs which are available in the NHS and the different routes you can take to become qualified. It was then time for Sarah and Tia to get a taste of being an older adult by wearing a special suit and being assisted in a range of care home scenarios.  One of the most fun parts of the day was in the immersive learning room which was transformed into a nightclub – we had to act out “Dr ABC” until the emergency services (Irene and Hodo) arrived. We ended the day with the “Ward Experience” checking our vital statistics including our oxygen saturation and blood pressure.  Overall we thought it was an educational and fun day.

Year 9 Psychology


Year 9 Psychology students have recently been learning about morals and moral development. In our lessons, we discussed what the term ‘moral’ means and students reflected on their own morals.

We also discussed the ‘Trolley Problem’, which is a famous moral dilemma.

This link explains the ‘Trolley Problem’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOpf6KcWYyw

We were very impressed with the discussion students had in relation to this problem and the reasons behind their answers. Students then went on to learn how children develop morals and the different stages of moral development.


Volunteering at Westbury Arts Centre

Our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers spent another productive day at the Westbury Arts Centre preparing for the show at Camphill by practicing their dance and drama. They also did volunteering by painting the compost bins, planters and weeding the gardens. Well done to all involved.

Volunteering at Hazeley

Volunteering at Hazeley

A group of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers worked at the Westbury Arts Centre in Milton Keynes doing a range of activities to support the centre with their upcoming show. Students cleared weeds, painted fences and tidied areas around the gardens.

The students also had the opportunity to use the stage and to prepare their part in the play being held at Camphill. They began improvising scenes and developing a story line, learning songs and dances to go on the play.


Back to The 80’s Production

The Hazeley Academy are proud to present our summer musical ‘ Back to the 80’s’ which is showing over three nights from Monday 8th July to Wednesday 10th July. The performance starts at 7:00pm.

Tickets are being sold at the Academy during break time from 19th June, in the main foyer. A limited number of tickets are available for each night so be sure to get your tickets quickly!

There is an option to book show tickets only, or to come along at 5pm and enjoy a fantastic pre show, 3 course meal cooked by our very talented catering students.

Ticket prices:

Show only – Adults £6.00. Concession £4.00 ( 7:00pm )

Show and 3 course meal – Adult £16.00. Concession £14.00 ( 5:00pm )

Please come along and show your support to our talented students, the children have worked very hard and we hope you enjoy an awesome night of retro music fun!!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email: enquiries@thehazeleyacademy.com

Principal’s Blog, Hazeley Success at the MK Education Awards, Friday 14th June 2019

Many of you will recall our fabulous R2L team deservedly receiving the award for Secondary School Team of the Year at the 2018 Milton Keynes Education Awards, believe me they still remind me of it, all be it in a very tongue in cheek way.

Hazeley staff earned even more success this year. Firstly the expertise of our hard working SEND team was recognised as they won an award for their impact supporting vulnerable students to gain great grades. This is lovely recognition of our dedication to students from all backgrounds.

The commitment of our staff, students and parents to the DofE Programme was also recognised as Hazeley received a highly commended award for its programme which is arguably the best in the city and thanks to the energy and efforts of so many people this is expanding and improving all of the time.

Rosemary Kaye, a very special member of staff from our partner school Shenley Brook End, also received a lifetime achievement award for the sustained excellent contribution to staff development across the city. She received a standing ovation from the Hazeley staff.

The biggest cheer of the evening went to Paulina, who is one of our amazing lunchtime supervisors, a true smile machine, who as well as being the most glamorous person at the event received the award for doing the most to promote happiness in education across the city.

We are very grateful to Milton Keynes Council, the sponsors and organisers for making the awards happen.

We plan to hold an extended break to honour our winners, although this may be a little time as we are waiting for the sun to return.

Mr Nelson

Hazeley Volunteers

Hazeley Volunteers

Well done to our student volunteers for doing a litter pick at 8am! The Current Affairs club are working to improve the environment with a big focus on recycling at Hazeley. They have met with Cucina to look at ways to reduce one use plastics and they have developed a new bin recycling system to be introduced in the canteen September.




Year 7 Wellbeing Drop Down Day

The year 7’s had a wellbeing and life skills session with a range of different activities over the course of the day.  Mr Wright brought into school his rare breed sheep and explained to students about animal welfare. This was followed by educational resources from the RSPCA on animal welfare in farming. We were pleased to welcome Gary, Mike and Paul from the Art of Brilliance who taught our students about different approaches to life, a positive mindset and resilient approaches to the challenges of life ahead.