Hazeley’s best just got better…

Few people will ever say: “it’s a great time to sit your end of KS4 exams” but to sit them in the year when whole scale change is taking place across the country; with teachers unpicking what they need to teach in the new specifications, trying to work out what a level 7, 8 or 9 might look like; parents finding themselves in an equally difficult position, desperately wanting to support their child but sometimes finding themselves painfully out of date and frustrated. This year has not been easy for 16-year-olds across the country.

Despite this our Y11 students will today be celebrating some simply amazing results. If our initial analysis is correct (and our data team usually are) then these are our best results ever, placing us amongst the top 10-15% of schools across the country, in terms of the most important measure which is progress.

Almost 10% of students met the enviable standard of achieving 8 or more A’s-7s or equivalents.

Of course there will be a few students who will be disappointed with their results, but staff will be available over the next few days to support them, they need to come into school or email sixthform@thehazeleyacademy.com to book an appointment.

Our partnership with Shenley has had a positive impact. The Brownlee Brothers analogy best sums it up for me: we both want to win, but not at the detriment of the other, in so doing we push each other on and both improve. Friendly, collaborative, caring and competition is magical and will benefit us all.  If we are lucky, then Shenley will top the city at KS5 and we will top it at KS4, with a narrow gap between us; but it’s too early to be sure of this. We can be confident that regardless of medal positions we have both done very well- but you have to forgive me for my competitive edge, I cannot pretend it will ever change and a consistent Hazeley – Shenley Gold and Silver is what we will aim for.

It’s a great time to be part of the Hazeley community, excellent A and GCSE level results, oversubscribed, enthusiastic staff, clarity of vision, shared values and the confident that the best is yet to come.

Thank you for supporting the school, it makes a big difference and is very much appreciated.

Mr Nelson

Another Year of Record A-level Results at The Hazeley Academy

Students and staff are again celebrating record A-Level results.

Students have achieved an excellent pass rate with an exceptionally high number of students gaining top grades, especially in Psychology, Mathematics, Philosophy, Politics, Art and the Sciences.

Initial analysis suggests that results are amongst the top 10%-25% in the country in terms of progress, with high ability students performing particularly well compared to similar students in other schools.

Notable high flyers include:

Ewan Bowler A*AA – Durham- History
Abeda Dhanji A*AA – UCL- Law
Georgina Fewell A*AA – Manchester – Psychology
Dijay Morar A*A*A – TBC
Joanne Mutwarasibo A*AA – Manchester Biomedical Science
Kai Waggott A*AA- Warwick – Physics
Hatim Sachak A*ABB- TBC
Hugh Slaney AABB – Nottingham Maths
Nushmia Hopper AAB – Birmingham – Politics
Shreya Kapur AAB – Warwick – Global Sustainable Development
Daniel Richardson AAB- Sheffield – Business Management

Maiya Stanley- Chandler is going to use her grades in Business, English and Psychology to embark on a high-quality and competitive apprenticeship with Santander.

We are equally proud of a large number of students who faced some exceptional personal challenges during their studies and with their determination and the support from the Hazeley community have achieved the grades that will allow them to access the next stage of their journey.  The sense of community is what makes the Hazeley Sixth Form so special.

It is great to see these wonderful young people interacting with their brilliant teachers and receiving such outstanding results as a reward for all their hard work.

Possibly the most exciting aspect of these results is that we know that through our partnership work with Shenley Brook End School in the 5 Dimensions Trust and own academy improvement plan we are destined to improve these further in the years ahead.

Well done to all students, staff, parents and governors; results like these come from a consistent team effort.

Mr Nelson

Year 5 Creativity SMSC Day – 23rd May 2018

Creativity SMSC Blog

On Wednesday 23rd May, Hazeley welcomed students from Priory Rise, Christ the Sower and Two Mile Ash School to experience a day in the life of a Hazeley student in the Creativity faculty.

Students took part in lessons in Textiles, Music, Art, Catering, and Drama.  Students learnt new skills including in their Textiles lesson where they used a block printing method that originates from China. In Drama students were working together to make a number of creative and impressive images. While in Catering they learnt about how a production line works and how difficult it is to make all products look identical whilst under pressure! Students were given the task of decorating biscuits to a design brief with sweeties and icing. The students got so involved and loved the sense of healthy competition.  Staff were amazed at their prior knowledge of the creative subjects and were positively encouraged by their ability to engage with each other, staff and other students around the academy. It was such a lovely day and I enjoyed getting to know the students and their enthusiasm was contagious!



The students were a pleasure to have in the school and we are looking forward to welcoming as many of them as possible into Year 7 in September 2019.

Miss McInerney


Principal’s Blog 17th August – Record A-level Results at The Hazeley Academy

Record A-level Results at The Hazeley Academy

Students and staff are today celebrating record A level results. An almost perfect pass rate with an exceptionally high number of students gaining top grades, especially in mathematics, economics, history, geography, languages, psychology, business studies, law and the sciences.

The initial analysis suggests that results are amongst the top 10-25% in the country in terms of progress, with high ability students performing particularly well compared to similar students in other schools, broadly gaining one grade higher than their counterparts in “average schools”.

Student Achievements:

Two of our students will be heading to Cambridge University.

Copy of IMG_0536Sachin Patel – 5 x A* at A Level will allow him to embark upon a course in Engineering at Cambridge
Giorgio Ragozzino will be studying English Literature at Cambridge after achieving A*AA at A-Level.

Other notable high flyers include:

  • Cerys Hughes A*AAA – Nottingham Chemistry
  • Daniel Onan A*AAA- UCL- Scandinavian Studies
  • Priya Vashistha A*AA – LSE- Accounting and Finance
  • Amy Wells A*A*AB – York – Molecular Cell Biology
  • Liam Critcher A*A*A – Nottingham – Mathematics  (AC)
  • Hamid Miah AAA – Bath – Economics
  • Kiaah Ubhi AAA – Gap Year
  • Yasmina Bugel A*AB- Leeds Law
  • Huma Mahmood AAB- Birmingham – Bio Chemistry
  • Anjali Kumar A*A*C – Birmingham – Politics, Policy and Economics

It is great to see these wonderful young people interacting with their exceptional teachers and receiving such outstanding results as a reward for all their hard work.

Well done to all students, staff, parents and governors; outcomes like these are all from an exceptional team effort.

ZTN photo NelsonMr Nelson

Hazeley Easter Poem

Y11 students joined staff at their weekly briefing to share this poem of thanks, a lovely end to the term
Mr Nelson


We’ve made it to Easter already, the bulbs are beginning to spring,

And we wanted to come in and thank you, for the wonderful things that you bring.

When the mornings are getting much lighter, and you might see an hour of day,

The dark evenings are over, and summer is closer, and everything’s bright in a way.

But the dreaded exams are still looming, and you’re balancing time and your books,

It’s taking a toll on your bedtime, and it’s taking its toll on your looks!


It’s easy to think we don’t notice, all the extra miles that you go,

When April’s upon us, and time is a ticking, and you can’t even hope it’ll snow!

If somebody asked ‘Why choose Hazeley?’, then the one thing that comes to my mind

Is the staff who work hard, who listen and share and who always try to be kind.

It might be a story from Nelson, or Miss Thistlewood taking our phones,

Miss Whiteman’s detentions, Jhita’s inventions, or Boswell who’s off flying drones!


Character is taught here at Hazeley, Creativity and Confidence too,

The teachers in front of us show it, in every thing that they do.

So we hope that you have a good Easter, and relax and put up your feet,

A fortnight without any teaching, must seem like a well-deserved treat.

Our final word here is a thank you, a thank you that comes from the heart,

And when we get back it’s exam time – the time when the fun and games start.

Mr Beezy – Motivation

Mr Beezy

It’s that time of year where it’s getting extremely busy and exam fever is almost upon us. On the morning of Friday 22nd April we were lucky enough to have a brilliant motivational and inspirational speaker in for a fraction of time, a moment of reflection on what is to come…

Our students were lively upon entering the gym as this was a change from their usual Maths or English lesson. They were met with an unknown figure stood at the front of the room, occasionally dancing along to the music that welcomed them. Mr Beezy started the talk with a few games and some brilliant humour that put everyone at ease. Trust had been gained amongst the students and they were soon under Mr Beezy’s direction.

Once the trust had been established Mr Beezy hit home with a few choice truths. ‘You can’t get to where you want to go without a bit of hard work; laziness is all that stops you from achieving your goals. Only you can make that happen’. A more positive and respectful view of teachers from someone whom had already been through the system and had wasted certain opportunities afforded to them was a welcome message to a number of those in the room.

For Year 11 the message was clear: ‘What’s your why? Why do you want to be successful?’ A series of rhetorical questions followed and the room was rapt with reflection. What followed was the assertion that each individual student could get there. After the questions were asked a different tone fell upon the room…belief. Each student in the room seemed to realise that there was a purpose for the time, effort and hard graft to get them to where they are now and what was required to further that, and to get to where they want to be, not where they were told they should be, but to where they, deep down and hidden from the surface, see themselves in the future.

“I thought that Mr Beezy was a real inspiration because he could relate to the stress that the year group is going through at this time of our lives.  He knew how to handle the situation and he made us laugh and motivate us not to waste our lives. We could relate to him because he told us a story about his life which really got everyone thinking and reflecting on the way we behave at school and we shouldn’t take it for granted.”  – A.Nyamanzani Year 11

Year 10 followed, to much of the same message. Mr Beezy instilled a belief into the audience that they can achieve what they want from their education, and ultimately their life, based solely on their actions. There was no need for a reliance on others, yes, the support from parents and staff would be hugely beneficial but ultimately each student in the room had the knowledge and knowhow to get to where they wanted to be.

The final messaged delivered by Mr Beezy was a simple one, repeated by the students and staff alike, a personalised moniker of his: ‘I believe I am great, I know I am great, I will be great.’

With that message delivered, Year 10 and 11 appeared not only more focused and ready to learn but with a goal and a reason for it, an outcome for their 5 years hard work in the run up to their GCSEs.

Some students reflected on the event on social media with the kind of efficiency a teacher dreams of with regards to homework, the message had clearly sunk in…

@thereal_mrbeezy Thank you once again for motivating and inspiring a generation. Much love, God bless.

@thereal_mrbeezy thank you for motivating me today really appreciate it 🙂

So inspired to succeed from your motivational speech!! Thanks #HazeleyAcademy @thereal_mrbeezy

Mr Beezy left the Academy students and staff with a new outlook: not only for their education but life itself.

IMG_8571Mr Mortimer and Miss Anning
Progress Leaders Y10 and Y11



Feature blog – Detention system Launch

Detention System Launch

Parents and students will notice a change to the after school detention process when we return from the Easter break. The vast majority of students get it right all of the time; they communicate respectfully, are on time, on task,  respond the first time of asking, and are equipped for learning (in line with our CODES system).

C Communicate respectfully
O On time, on task, on target
D Do as asked on first time of asking
E Equip for learning
S Succeed and Progress

High standards of behaviour are essential for a high achieving academy like Hazeley. Occasionally a student might not meet expectations and a detention sanction may be required. Following a review we feel it is important to ensure the following:

  • Consistent approach for all students
  • Set nights for specific detentions
  • Central meeting points with a register taken. This will ensure all students on site are accounted for from a health and safety perspective
  • Central co-ordination to avoid clashes
  • Subject detentions in place to ensure specific work is carried out
  • Use of the student planner as a communication tool

Parents/Carers will shortly be receiving a letter home with full details, however in summary:

  • Detentions are set for either 30 minutes or an hour (2hrs SLT) and start at 3.20pm.
  • Students who receive an after school detention will receive a sticker in their planner with the date, time and room.
  • Parents will no longer receive a school comms or letter. It is therefore imperative that students have their planners at school each day and these are checked at home on a regular basis.
  • Staff will contact home to advise the reason for a detention if it is behaviour related.
  • Detentions are not negotiable and students are expected to attend on the date allocated.
  • Detentions take priority over intervention and catch up sessions, extra-curricular clubs, sporting events etc.

We appreciate the support from parents/carers in maintaining the highest standards within the academy and of course welcome feedback. I will be looking to review our rewards policy and would welcome any comments or suggestions from parents in relation to this.

Steff Healy photoMr S Healy      Email
Deputy Principal







Drop Down Day 11th January 2016

Drop Down Day

With a curriculum that is tightly packed it is important that we find valuable time for innovation. Students took part in a variety of activities during the day  focused on developing Confidence, Character and creativity through  African drumming, mask making, totem pole building, developing a  business concept and idea, team building, mathematical challenges and science activities to name but a few.

We would like to thank the 30 local businessmen and women who gave up their time to support the day.

One Year 8 student commented that they had a really great time being out of their seat and learning by being creative and giving new things a try.   A great day all round with much to be proud of.

drop down 1 drop down 2

Mr S Healy
Deputy Principal- Curriculum

Motivation and Study Skills

On Tuesday the 5th of January,  the Year 11’s had Mr Perks from a Company called  ‘Maximize your Potential’ teach us for two hours about ways to help us revise for exams such as our PPE’s in late January and our GCSE’s later on in the year. We were given a booklet with numerous different helpful ways to revise such as time management and making a story out of the key words we may need to know for certain subjects.


When the session first started Mr Perks immediately got us motivated with inspiration from many famous people such as contestants off X-Factor and members of One Direction, he gave us many words of wisdom and taught us that people such as those in One Direction and James Corden didn’t just fall into their jobs, they tried hard to get where they are and that we could be anything we wanted as long as we tried hard too. As the session progressed we were involved in various different things that kept it fun and entertained. He was very motivational as a person and after having the session we felt much more confident in ways to revise and learn things in preparation for exams in the future which also relieved stress of many students that were worrying on how to do this.


We were also recommended an app named ‘Gojimo’ by Mr Nelson and we thought we would try it out. After using the app we found it was very detailed and included a variety of options for different subjects and exam boards. You could take quizzes with easy and difficult questions to challenge yourself on a specific topic or subject to see how much we knew. We found that using an app like this can really help you to understand what you know, so the topics you struggle on are a lot easier to identify and you can then revise those subject from textbooks and the app. This app is also free meaning you don’t have to spend any money in order to revise all the subjects you take and is a great resource to use during exam time, instead of having to make sure you don’t forget your revision cards at home you can test yourself using the app and revise straight from your mobile, you can easily access this at home, in a long car journey and during school break and lunches to test with your friends. This app saves the subjects you do and makes revision a lot more engaging for the generations today.


Hannah Braybrooke, Niamh Smith and Tedra Agyemang

Y11 Students

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Character Faculty

The Character faculty is working to develop character in all students through the four subject areas – Philosophy & Ethics, Geography, History and Business & Economics.

Philosophy & Ethics

Philosophy & Ethics focus is to develop skills of empathy, critical thinking and compassion. Year 7 students are currently exploring an imaginative story topic called the ‘Island’ which helps them shape the role of religion and culture in a modern society by developing skills of team work and collaboration.


The Geography department is developing extended writing skills for KS5 learners.  This directly supports the idea of Growth Mind-set by providing ALL learners with strategies to improve their essay writing. This compliments the existing Directed Improvement and Reflection Time (DIRT) practise at KS3 and KS4.  Assessment of learning and feedback is key to providing relevant opportunities for all students to grow as rounded individuals.


Students are afforded excellent opportunities to develop character in History lessons. The core values of respect and integrity are woven throughout the topics the students study – from the relationships between monarchs and their subjects, to the challenges faced by people like Martin Luther King and Simon Wiesenthal. We pride ourselves on having high expectations of all students as well as fostering a growth mind-set within lessons to enable students to continually develop skills and abilities both as historians and as successful young people.

Business & Economics

The Business and Economics students have had the opportunity to play a positive role in the school and local community and develop their character through activities which have allowed them to build confidence in their abilities and attributes, develop resilience, promote initiative and always work to the highest standards possible.

Examples include learning about Ethics and Sustainability in businesses and how social responsibility and the moral compass may influence the decision making process. Students also look at stakeholders and understanding their motives concerning their interests in businesses and the local communities.

Hazeley students recently took part in schools ‘Dragons Den’ event held at MK Academy and secured 1st and joint 2nd place in terms of the amount of funding they managed to convince Dragons to invest. Feedback from Young Enterprise and the Dragons (local business people) included how extremely professional Hazeley students came across through their high quality presentations, their demonstration of great team effort and it was evident they had really thought through the business ideas especially during the rigorous Q&A process. Excellent character skills!

Mrs L McKenzie

Growth Mindset – Feature blog

‘A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well’

Often it is how we perceive certain situations and how we respond to them that determine the effort we put in and the outcome we achieve. At The Hazeley Academy we are working with staff and students alike to build their understanding of how ones mindset, or perception of own intelligence, can either enhance or hinder potential. This is intrinsically linked to our core values of developing character, confidence and creativity.

Dr Carol Dweck, an American psychologist, conducted various studies looking at how a persons’ mindset (their view regarding intelligence) can have a positive impact on self-esteem, confidence, ambition and how, in other cases, it can be detrimental to a persons’ well-being, willingness to try new things and resilience.

Dweck distinguished between two types of mindset: fixed and growth. Her studies concluded that people with a fixed mindset believe that intelligence is something you are born with and very little can be done to change it. Whereas, a person with a growth mindset views intelligence as malleable, it can be developed through hard work and persistence.

If we apply that notion to education someone with a growth mindset would focus on learning and improvement, they are concerned with the processes they go through rather than the final result, they believe that by applying effort to the process you will understand more and therefore the final results will follow. However, someone with a fixed mindset focuses on performance and ‘looking clever’, the end result is all that matters and therefore if they have to apply lots of effort then there is greater chance of perceived failure so they would rather stop than be seen to ‘fail’.

You may find the characteristics identified in both mindsets familiar to yourself or traits you have observed in others: People with a fixed mindset often view mistakes as a sign of low ability and therefore avoid situations where they may be likely to make mistakes; making mistakes is viewed as embarrassing and be embarrassed discourages them from trying or makes them give up early. On the other hand people with a growth mindset see mistakes as part of the learning process and something to be celebrated. They are not embarrassed by mistakes and will often try new things even if they are likely to make a mistake. People who display a growth mindset relish new opportunities and challenges, they work on solutions to problems and believe that mistakes enable them to acquire new knowledge and experiences, even if the final outcome is how not to do it again. Those with a fixed mindset live within a comfort zone that does not seek challenge, continues to work on what they know they can already do because it makes them feel good – even if they are not actually progressing, improving or learning.

With all of this in mind we know that we have both mindsets amongst our staff and students at The Hazeley Academy and now we are looking to maximize a growth mindset ethos to support all to feel comfortable trying new things by taking calculated risks and learning from mistakes in order to develop people with strong characters who can bounce back from adversity with new found confidence. Build confidence to try new things and keep trying even when it doesn’t work out as well as being creative in our ways of working. As Thomas Edison once said “I haven’t failed I have just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work”, it’s a good job he did keep going otherwise we might still be in the dark.

Many people encourage a particular mindset in others without even realising just by the language they use when talking. How many times as a parent / guardian / teacher have you said one of the following: –

“Let’s try an easier one” or “that one will be too difficult for you”

“Maths just isn’t one of your strengths; you’re more of a creative person”

“You are such a natural” or “aren’t you clever? A real natural talent”

We are focusing on the language used within the academy so more praise is given to the effort students apply and the strategies used during the process of learning to reach the final outcome, as well as to encourage self and peer critique it in order to improve further via our use of Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time (DIRT).

Changes to sentence could be: –

“Try different ways until you find the right one for you”

“That approach might not be best for you at this stage but if you keep trying I’m sure it will work out”

“This is so good that I think you should do the harder questions next time”

Think carefully about what mindset you have – does it change in different situations? Carol Dweck suggests we have a dominant mindset but education is about working with people to develop as life-long learners and therefore by changing certain ways we work we believe we can support people to become successful in enhancing their character, confidence and creativity in the way we view and approach situations head on and celebrate learning from mistakes.

Around the academy you will be able to see various displays and posters which utilise a growth mindset language and if you are interested in reading more about Growth Mindset we recommend Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential by Dr Carol Dweck or Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice by Matthew Syed.

Mrs E Lloyd-Jones
Director of Confidence Faculty