Non-Uniform Day Friday 20th July 2018 – Hula Charity for Enigma House





Creativity Showcase 18th July 2018 (4:30pm – 6:30pm)

‘We would like to take this opportunity to invite all parents to attend the Creativity Showcase on 18th July at 4:30pm.  We look forward to welcoming you to see the hard work and dedication that our students have applied in the Creativity subjects this year’.

Amy McInerney

FTSA (Creativity)

Student Council and Mental Health Ambassador Training Day

This week we had a full training day with Roz from the Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet to develop leadership skills, consider our plans for next year and how we make Student Voice more integrated next year. We began by getting to know each other by finding out key ideas about each other. We then learnt about how we all have different opinions and the need to listen to each other. We did an interesting activity where we pretended to be famous people who made decisions but hadn’t asked anyone any questions first e.g. a politician offering everyone in school a free curry dinner.

We welcomed Clara McDermott from the Walnuts School who explained to everyone about autism and what it looks like when you meet someone with autism including the Triad of Impairment:

  1. Flexibility of thought
  2. Social interaction
  3. Emotional interaction

This was followed by students preparing speeches and having one minute to talk including Millie’s lovely story about her cat, Valentina about the importance of communication and Shiloh as a business entrepreneur.





Principal’s Blog 13th July 2018, A Great Year for Hazeley and an Exciting Start for the 5 Dimensions Trust!

Letter – Mr Nelson – End of Year letter – July 2018

History SMSC Blog

On Monday 2nd July, the Hazeley Academy enjoyed hosting the prospective Year Seven students in our Year Six to Seven transition day. History, amongst others had the pleasure of taking the prospective Year Seven students for their first ever Hazeley lesson. In History we decided to focus on giving the students an introducing with something they will encounter again if they choose the subject at GCSE; the Vietnam War and Vietcong.

We were astounded by the engagement and enthusiasm of the students, who quickly grasped the difference between American and Vietnamese tactics, and the consequences arising from these tactics. Additionally the students were able to demonstrate their creativity through different methods, including diagrams of potential sabotage weapons, and play-dough tunnels which the Vietcong would use to keep away from American soldiers.

When the students found out that the level of the history which they were learning was in fact GCSE, they were excited and impressed with their own progress. Through this lesson students were able to develop a good understanding of the moral implications of the tactics used by both groups of soldiers, as well as the social impact which war can have on people of a nation facing conflict, whether it is war happening in your home nation, or how you react to the horrors of war when it is exposed to the population.

Transition Day was a great success for all involved, but we found it to be an excellent experience in the History Department, and therefore we look forward to meeting our new cohort again in September.



Starship Robot at Hazeley Academy

Starship Robot at Hazeley Academy

Today the Student Council were really pleased to welcome Mo Eisa from the Starship Robot and John Marshall from the MK Foodbank.

The Starship Robot visited our year 9 Design and Technology students lesson and Mo explained all the different technical aspects that have been developed with the robot. It was really interesting to hear that they had experimented with the robots in Milton Keynes to see how they would be accepted e.g. they placed one of the robots on its side, and just as we would help other people who had fallen over, within a minute the people of Milton Keynes had come to the rescue of the robot and set it up straight again!

After the lesson the Starship Robot demonstrated how it made collections of the food and toiletries donations and transported them to another area of the school where it was met by Mr Nelson.

This was an amazing opportunity for our students to experience the most up-to-date technology out there and being used in Milton Keynes. Many thanks to Mo and John for arranging this for our Hazeley students.

Lesley Mckenzie





Student Voice and Cucina

The Student Council invited Cucina to their meeting to discuss what is going really well  in the Hazeley canteen, ask questions and make a few suggestions. Students learnt how healthy Cucina food was including their slush drinks that are made with fresh fruit and count as one of their five a day. Students offered lots of ideas about what types of food they would like to see in the canteen and using the new disposable wooden cutlery to avoid using plastic wherever possible as part of our attempts to improve the environment.

Many thanks to Paul and Tracy for bringing food and drink tasters!

The Student Council


Milton Keynes Mental Health Competition – Hazeley wins 1st Prize!

Well Done to our Year 8’s who attended the celebration rewards and conference held by the MK Youth Cabinet at MK Council offices on Tuesday 10th July 2018.

Hazeley achieved first place amongst all schools across Milton Keynes with their sculpture entry organised by the amazing Miss Huggan.

Congratulations to:

Molly Bunnage 8CA2

Carla Lozano-McInerney 8EA2

Lily Massingham 8CS2

Archie Pavey 8VY1

Joe Sanchez-Garcia 8EA2

Ali Janjua 8VY2


The students attended workshops on a number of different topics including:

What is mental health?

Drugs and alcohol and mental health

Our brain and dealing with trauma

Bullying and mental health


Lesley Mckenzie

Director of Creativity


STEM Club – Network Rail Friday 10th August 2018

Summer STEM Club – Network Rail

‘Thank you!’ to Hazeley Academy and Student Council support with MK Foodbank Collection 2018

A massive ‘thank you!’ from Felicity in year 8 who organised the MK Foodbank collection this year and the whole of the Student Council for all the food bank donations that you made!

The results are:

Cobra 59 donations

Victory 136 donations

Colossus 140 donations

Enigma 307 donations

The form with the most is:

Mr Monte’s amazing 8EA1 who donated an incredible 210 items! The winning chocolates are on their way!

Well done also to Mr Laurie’s form 8EA2 for bringing in a massive 70 items – a real team effort!

A picture of our students on MK FM advertising the foodbank:

As a school we collected 642 items which will make a real difference to those in need in Milton Keynes.

Confidence Character and Creativity Rewards

Form groups were rewarded with an opportunity to use the inflatables for with the winners for each year group based on Tutor Groups with the Highest House Points as well as having the Highest Average Attendance.

Well Done to the following Form Groups:

8VY1              10CA1             9CS1        10EA1

7EA1               9VY2              8CS1         7VY1

10EA1 had the best attendance so were rewarded by using the inflatables outside on the field for one hour in lesson 5. We really enjoyed the assault course because it was fun going against everyone in a race because I am very competitive. Everyone was having fun and we were all sharing the equipment. This was all arranged as a reward for good attendance and students really appreciated this.  (Maddison Smith Year 10)

Hazeley offered students a reward for good attendance so we went outside for fun activities. This included bouncy castles, and other inflatables. There was a year 10 and year 8 students doing sumo wrestling which they both really enjoyed!  (Georgia Titley Year 10)



Principal’s Blog 29th June 2018, 6th Form Open Days

This week we welcomed almost 250 prospective Year 12 students to experience life as a Hazeley 6th former (80 more than this time last year).

Our philosophy is very much focussed on giving students open and honest advice so that they can make the right choice for them. We want to fill our wonderful 6th form with students who really want to be part of it and who want to grow through engagement and contribution. With this in mind most of our sessions are either “typical” lessons or sessions run by our current students.

The feedback was simply excellent; phrases such as high expectations, supportive, friendly, welcoming, great teachers, caring, were used in abundance.

The best moment for me was listening to our Y12’s talking about their Hazeley values and then making them come to life in the way in which they supported and interacted with the prospective students.

Friday evening will see many of the students get together again at the prom and then say a temporary farewell until they come back for results day on the 23rd August.

A nervous summer, but hopefully one that leads to success and a very exciting key stage 5.

Mr Nelson

Principal’s Blog 25th June 2018, Hazeley Academy’s Pastoral Team Win Milton Keynes Secondary School Team of the Year!

Well done to our Return2Learn (R2L) team who last week received the prestigious award of Milton Keynes Secondary School Team of the Year. The awards ceremony was kindly organised by Milton Keynes Council and involved schools from across the city.

Our dedicated R2L team help our students grow into amazing versions of themselves by:

  • setting high expectations
  • showing students that the differences between them make them stronger
  • unpicking situations with students so they can learn from mistakes
  • showing students how they can enjoy contributing to the community

The team go above and beyond on a daily basis, always putting the needs of our young people first, they are very worthy winners.

Our partner school, Shenley Brook End also enjoyed a successful evening, winning awards for closing the gap with disadvantaged pupils and students with special educational needs.

Mr Nelson





Hazeley Wellbeing and Drop Down Lessons Summer Term 2018

This term there are two Drop Down Lessons on 27th June and 28th June which offer our students on-going provision of support for personal development. Wellbeing is delivered through Drop Down Lessons and also through all aspects of school life which a range of different themes.

Topics for Wednesday 27th June:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Resilience Disability Drugs Sexism

On Thursday 28th June all year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students will have a session on promoting positive mental health where students will have opportunities to contribute to class discussion to share their views and learn how to co-operate with others sharing and taking turns. At Hazeley we believe that our school community has an important role to play, acting as a source of support and information with wellbeing and positive mental health for all students.

If you have any questions please contact

Lesley Mckenzie

Wellbeing and Holistic Education

Principal’s Blog, 15th June 2018 – Thank you for helping to make the Hazeley Academy a great place to work!

Three years ago the staff and governors at Hazeley set themselves a challenge:

“At Hazeley the students would not only enjoy a great rounded education leading to impressive examination results, but that it would also be the very best place for staff to work and that this will be done through collaboration”

These are obviously interconnected – staff who work collaboratively tend to be happier and students who are taught by happy staff (focussed on developing young people as rounded individuals) generally achieve higher examination outcomes. This is a great example of a virtuous circle.

Last month almost 120 of our staff completed a detailed and anonymous externally organised staff survey. The results  were truly outstanding; in every area staff reported very positively. The outcomes look even more impressive when compared to other schools nationally. The analyst from Kirkland and Rowell described the results as “amongst the best if not the very best he had ever seen”.

Some highlights included:

  • Overall sense of common purpose
  • School discipline
  • Staff morale
  • Developing moral values
  • Safety

Even our areas of relative weakness were 10% or more above the “average” for schools in England and placed firmly in the “Good” category. Reassuringly all of these are already priorities in our improvement plan.

Parents and carers play a large role in creating this great ethos. Positively engaging with the school, being open and solution focussed with your concerns, sharing some moments of praise all make a big difference to the staff.

Ensuring your child arrives on time, with homework complete, in a smart uniform with high expectations of themselves does not just give your child an advantage, it contributes to our overall ethos.

We will share the detailed responses at the Parent Voice session on 5th July – please look out for your school comms invitation.

Thank you for your role in making Hazeley a very special community to be part of. Our community will continue to grow and develop through our focus on collaboration; it truly is an exciting time to be part of Hazeley!

Mr Nelson

ZTN photo Nelson