YR8 Football Team

County Cup Champions March 2018


After a hard fought campaign the Year 8 boys had made it to the final. The Final was played at a brand new, top of the range facility (Arbour Park).

The boys had produced some amazing performances in the earlier rounds scoring more than 12 goals so they were confident coming into the final. In the first half Hazeley created a lot of chances hitting the cross bar and the post. But towards the end of the first half it was still 0-0. Then after a couple of genius tactical changes by Mr Crofts, Joe McCorquodale opened up the scoring with basically his first touch. Hazeley ended the first half 1-0 up.

Then from the very start of the second half Misbourne came back fighting, Hazeley had to hold strong against a barrage of Misbourne attacks. But as it often happens in football Misbourne were caught by a counter attack from Hazeley. A quick attacking run from Colin Mbugua resulted in a goal for Charlie Waller. From that point on the game was end to end with both teams attacking fiercely.

Then 5 minutes before the end of the game Hazeley broke through the Misbourne defence as Oli Lynch dribbled passed several defenders before placing the ball in the opposite corner of the goal.

A well deserved result!

Hazeley win 3-0 

Bletchley Park Art Project – STEAM

About Artsmark

Since September Ms Sear and a group of Art students have been working collectively on a project set to include the ‘Arts’ into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and make it STEAM. This, if successful, would lead to each participating school being considered for an Artsmark accreditation.

The Artsmark award “provides schools with access to enviable networks of leading cultural organisations that will enable them to use the arts to engage and develop happy, self-expressed and confident young people and inspire teachers.”


Students and the Art department have worked relentlessly to achieve this award, including countless afternoons after school creating artwork for Bletchley Park. The project, led by Chris Holmwood from Shenley Brook End School, asked five local schools to participate. This included Slated Row, who designed a musical called ‘Bletchley Boogie’, Emerson Valley who choreographed and performed a dance, Shenley Brook End and Buckingham who like Hazeley created artwork. .

Hazeley were asked to create artwork to represent each of the Hazeley houses, which of course derive from the important history of Bletchley Park. In addition, students were given a second task to respond to the architecture of Bletchley in their creative way.

Not only has the work that the students created helped Hazeley be considered for an Artsmark accreditation, but students have also now been put forward to gain an arts award for themselves and the hard work they have put in to this project. Their work will be moderated in July and we will find out if they have been successful. Watch this space!!!

Well done to Ms Sear, Mrs Goody, Mrs Bush and all of the Art students that took part in this project.

House Literacy Competition

The form which writes the most impressive piece will win!



Congratulations to Miss Kennedy’s form 9VY1 (Victory) who  won the recent House Literacy Competition with the following entry.

“The pristine waters stretched out from the shores like shiny, blue paint from a sandy paintbrush. The woodland beyond the banks was dense and lush with spring flowers and vegetation, and the sweet aroma of the warm day floated on the breeze like a boat on a river. Forest creatures, such as squirrels, birds and foxes, wandered their home with a carefree lightness matched only by that emanating from the bright orange sun in the sky. That sky had barely a cloud, barely a wisp of condensation to interrupt its clear, constant colouration. By contrast, the meadows and fields that spread out below it were a rainbow of vibrancy, with daffodils and bluebells and whatever else chose to grow there. And watching over this all, protecting it from the outside world like a loving parent, stood the mountain. Its slopes careened down at terrifying angles, and its snow-capped peak was like a mop of white hair upon its grey, rocky head. It had watched over the valley for millions of years, had seen creatures live and die and live again in new born youngsters, had seen the forest change and grow, each tree erupting from a seed to join its brothers and sisters at the top of the world. Or at least as high as they could get. It watched over all these things with silent pleasure, safe in the knowledge that paradise would remain unaltered, for eternity and more.”

Daniel Walters 9VY1

Congratulations also to Mrs Harrier-Wilson’s form 10VY2 who were runners up with Robert’s entry

“Visible through the bustling treetops, a lake sits patiently for the curious eye to gaze upon it. One look at the calming water, however, is enough to force you into a deep trance. no matter how hard you try to move away, an elusive barrier forms between you and the rest of the world. The mountains and the perilous peaks on top of them keep even the most devilish of God’s creations in line. The delicate clouds divert any attention from the outside world like a shield that blocks tragedy from entering. All eyes gaze at the lonely lake. The water is as blue as the sky, the Fresnel acting like a chameleon’s scales, camouflaging to hide itself from the Earth’s negativity. The area around is silent, no noise to be heard, not even an insect makes the slightest sound, as if the animals dare not to disturb the tranquillity, as it is rare in a world so arduous to come across a moment so precious. When you look upon the beautiful lake, you become at peace with the large mesmerising landscape presented before you, and stress becomes happiness.”

Robert Howell 10VY2

Buckinghamshire Schools Medic Day 

Hosted by The Hazeley Academy

Wednesday 24th January

Year 10 students who have an interest in becoming a Doctor got to meet Student Doctors from Barts Hospital in London and Junior Doctors from Milton Keynes Hospital. The student Doctors took them through some of the practical activities they experience during year 1 and 2 at medical school including using a stethoscope, reading CT scans, CPR and how to effectively diagnose a patient’s condition. Students got a real insight into being a Doctor, being presented both the highs and lows!


News from the Library

The  library has been very busy since we came back in September and as of the end of this term we have issued over 4,465 books! Many of these are new and popular titles, which there is often a waiting list for.

Years 7, 8 and 9  STAR tested in September and have since read and quizzed on 2,451 books reading a total so far of 111,758,222 words.

74% of students have quizzed in the last 30 days.

Parent’s guide to Accelerated Reader


We would not be able to accomplish all that we do if it wasn’t for our  enthusiastic and hardworking library assistants and Duke of Edinburgh volunteers. We hosted a christmas lunch for them today to say a big…

Thank you!!

Putting the SteAm into Stem: an Artsmark Initiative.

In partnership with five other schools we have been working on a project to put the “Arts” into “Science Technology Engineering and Maths” thus turning STEM into STEAM. This initiative is being overseen by our partner school Shenley Brook End and once completed, will gain an Artsmark Award for our Academy.

Being Milton Keynes’s park of cultural significance, Bletchley Park was nominated as the theme of the project. We decided to design and create a series of 2D visual outcomes resulting from investigations into the architecture of the park, plus the machines on which our four house names are based.

To facilitate this, I had the privilege of accompanying eight Hazeley students to Bletchley Park on the 7th December. The aim of the visit was to gather information about Bletchley Park and its pivotal role in the Second World War plus record the variety of architectural design throughout the park.

Students were also able to participate in a cipher and coding workshop in the afternoon and to see first-hand, an Enigma machine. A second visit in the New Year will allow students to visit the museum at the park and see the colossus machine in action.

Students were exemplary. Not just in behaviour but also with the enthusiasm that they displayed for the event They were all totally engaged as well as being  amazing photographers and collectors of anything useful for their investigations. It reaffirmed my pride in being part of the academy and watch out for some amazing visual results once the project is completed in March.

Lindsay Sear

 Mia Hamilton, Hannah Owen, Jillian Clarke, Aaliyah Aries, Morton Howell, Kabeeshan  Pramathasan and Holly Marshall.

Mrs Sear

Theatre trip to see Hedda Gabler

On the 28th November sixth form students visited Northampton’s Royal and Derngate theatre to see a production of Hedda Gabler, one of them has taken the time to write an interesting review of the production and trip.


By Callum Taylor


Adapted by Patrick Marber, Hedda Gabler explores the timeless themes of control, power, reputation and lust, in a dramatic and sometimes comedic way.

By far one of the best main characters ever, Hedda as played by Lizzy Watts, is feisty and sarcastic, giving some light relief to the serious themes displayed by the other characters. The violent and sometimes strange outbursts with a stapler and some flowers, ensured that we knew that she was extremely unpredictable, and slightly unhinged. Her secrets, which develop further as the play progresses, entangle her, leaving her helpless and at the mercy of Brack, played by Adam Best, who takes the one thing that Hedda desires above all, control.

The minimalist set with plain grey rectangles on the wall, with Hedda passed out at a piano, and a glass frame encasing two black pistols, can only hint at the violent turns the play took… and the can of fake blood. We all jumped out of our seats at the first gunshot directed towards the audience, but by the end of the play we had seen and heard so much on-stage violence, we felt as if nothing could phase us anymore.

The sudden editions of music, symbolised a change in tone, and the ultimate demise of Hedda, who attempts to execute her own ‘beautiful’ death, after encouraging and ultimately succeeding in having Lovborg do the same. From an audience’s perspective it seemed that every single one of the characters were all somehow past lovers and all romantically involved, meaning that some scenes were particularly awkward to watch with two teachers next to you.

One of the most exciting and thought-provoking plays I have ever seen, and definitely one of the most enjoyable ones, with some people that started off as strangers and finished as friends.



Waterstones Milton Keynes – Competition Winner

In October Waterstones Milton Keynes ran a store competition to “Draw a Dinosaur”, which would be judged by Chris Wormell during his visit to the store during half term  promoting his new book “Dinosaurium”.

Several of our students entered after @HazeleyLibrary promoted the competition and Mrs F took their entries into store, we are delighted to announce that one of our students won!

Chris said he thought that Stephen could have a career as a comic book artist ahead of him.

Congratulations to Stephen, @HazeleyLibrary will be promoting more competitions in the library and via Twitter!

Cross Country Championships – Campbell Park


On Wednesday 22nd November a group of students from The Academy took part in the MK School Cross Country Championships at Campbell Park. It was a very cold and blustery day so typical cross country weather! But a good chance for them to put into practice their running skills they had been working on in training this term.


Our students behaved impeccably and managed to record some very decent results as seen below meaning we finished an admirable 5th out of 14th Schools. Well done to all, Thank you to Mr Ward for his assistance, Mr Blaber for his support and our 6th form leaders for their help Kelsi, Becky, Chelsea and Niamh.



Particular highlight was Oscar finishing 11th out of 66 and Hannah who finished 18th out of 54.


Inioluwa Oluwadiya 7 7.32 41/54
Natasha Kenton 7 7.41 43/54
Oscar Lozano-McInerney 7 5.35 11./66
Lewis Galbraith 7 6.11 33/66
Ronnie Blaber 7 7.20. 59/66
Lucas Hughes 7 7.12 58/66
Owen Vaughan 7 6.58 54/66
Euan Dodson 7 6.03 27/66
Fletcher Crossley 7 6.33 49/66
Max Galbraith 7 6.09 32/66
Abbie Collins 7 7.37 42/54
Johnny Bone 7 6.25 42/66
Mason Boggeln 7 7.06 56/66
Charlotte Downing 9 16.13 41/54
Hannah Berkeley 9 14.18 18/54
Mason Couling 9 13.47 42/63
Alfie Blaber 11 19.12 19/27


Cross Country Championships


YR11 Basketball Team Shoot into the National League

basketball NOV17

Hazeley’s YR11 basketball team have made the leap into the national leagues and have had some excellent performances, cementing their reputation as the best basketball team the academy has ever produced. As if their performance on the court is not enough they are actively coaching and supporting the YR7 team, providing them with excellent role models to ensure that they create a legacy.

I sense the start of something very special ! 

Mr Nelson 

Drop Down Day – Creativity

DDD autumn 17 - yr9 2 students

DDD autumn 17 - yr9 josh

The year 9 drop down day on the 18th of October was bursting with creativity!

The day was complemented by a plethora of fascinating visitors from a variety of industries. These included a professional magician and an actor with Broadway and Emmerdale credentials! We had an architect who explained the process of building design and a product developer designing multi function mobile phone cases. An engineer explained the physics behind lift design and a dance group, a drama specialist and mural workshop completed the whole creative experience!

DDD autumn 17 - yr9 magician

DDDautumn 17 yr9

Drop Down Day – Wellbeing

Our first Wellbeing drop down day saw year 8 and 13 working together to create a film for change focusing on Poverty, Children’s rights and how wellbeing affects poverty. 

The day started with small groups learning about what poverty is and how children’s rights are affected through a variety of discussion, card sort and film tasks. Lesson two we focused in on the effect of Wellbeing on poverty which involved the creation of our “Gingerbread person” highlighting the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social affects.

After break groups were created with year 8 students being guided by our year 13 students to create a design and marketing team to create a Film for Change alongside a pitch to sell their ideas for the film. The pitch included the creation of a story board detailing the film scene by scene with all creative instructions eg lighting, music, transitions etc, the also needed to sell their idea for the film with the best film being made by character club.

Throughout the day the students worked with many different staff who are part of our Unicef Ambassadors. There was some impressive leadership and peer mentoring from year 13 and year 8 students were able to excel in areas of interest or expertise and some shining film creators were created. In addition some students created outstanding posters on the subject which will form part of our display.

The winning film will be made and able to view on our You tube page. Thank you to all who were involved in planning, delivery and participation of the day.

Drop Down Day – YR11 Science opportunity

Year 11 triple science students experienced a day of A-level Science, carrying out tests for reducing sugars in Biology, titrations and mole calculations in chemistry and designing electrical circuits in Physics. Teachers often do not have sufficient capacity to extend the curriculum and challenge high end achievers when delivering day to day lessons. This gave students the ability to gain insight into the courses they may wish to take next year as well as make in-depth links to their current GCSE studies.

Drop Down Day – YR12 Visit to Loughborough University

On Wednesday 18th October  year 12 visited Loughborough University. The day involved a campus tour, where students got to see the fantastic facilities on offer as well as attending two lectures “Why go to University? And “What to consider when choosing a University and course” The day gave students a good insight into university study and life and gave them lots to think about for the future.

Read about Loughborough

Natwest – “Outstanding Service to Cricket Awards”

On Monday 9th of October I was invited to Lords Cricket ground in London for a national awards ceremony. I was nominated for the ‘Outstanding Services to Cricket Award’ by my old County, Wiltshire, for my commitment and dedication to coaching the youth players at my local cricket club.

Although I didn’t win the National award in the end, I had a great day, going on a tour of the ground, meeting Eoin Morgan, the England one-day captain, and hearing from guest speakers including Stuart Broad, England’s 3rd best bowler of all time.

Mr. Merriman