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Principal’s Blog 7th September 2018, Great summer and a fantastic start

It has been lovely to hear what people have been up to over the summer; time with family and friends, reading books, enjoying hobbies, exploring, trying new things. The summer was equally enjoyable for Hazeley, more great exam results, refurbishments, new table tennis tables (bats and balls can be purchased for £2 from finance), finalising the official paperwork to form the 5 Dimensions Trust and preparations for the year ahead. I am always appreciative of how lucky we are to have a team of staff who keep the momentum going over the students break, they make a big difference.

The students have also used their break wisely. A large group of Y12 students joined us to embark on a peer mentoring training course and Y13 senior students came back to the academy early to support Y12’s with their start to the year. This idea of gaining fulfilment and growing by helping others is at the heart of what being part of the Hazeley community is.

Summer homework is an important part of Hazeley life, especially in Y11, Y12 and Y13. Without it learning tends to be lost and pressure is focussed too heavily on term time. I have been pleased to see that the overwhelming majority of students have risen to the challenge and will benefit greatly. Those who have not quite stepped up will be supported with some additional after school sessions and guidance on how to develop more effective study habits. It is very possible to have a great break, but avoid the summer learning dip, it just takes a little drive and organisation. The support of parents is an important factor for success and is appreciated.

The term has started very well, our work with Shenley Brook End as part of the 5 Dimensions Trust helped inspire an innovative and effective staff training day, which was wonderfully delivered by Mrs Jobling and Miss Whiteman. It involved staff sharing and shaping a range of teaching and support strategies to help make learning at Hazeley even more engaging and support still more effective.  It was made all the more memorable as it also involved a magician and the staff dressing up in a Harry Potter theme. It was a training day that staff will never forget and students will benefit greatly from.

Of course the most important people on the first day of the academy year are Y7’s. The slightly nervous expressions at the start of the day were transformed into smiles as they made new friends, enjoyed new lessons and engaged with new experiences. A big part of this has been the way in which older students have reassured them though their own smiles and enthusiasm.

A great start to what promises to be a wonderful year



Mr Nelson


Hazeley in the snow

Many thanks to all who have helped with the clearing of the car-park and paths.





Hazeley Academy Adverse Weather (Snow Plan)

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Wellbeing so far this year… and what’s coming up

We have now completed 3 of our 8 drop down lessons for Wellbeing and students and staff alike are really engaging with the topics across a diverse range of subjects, see below:-

  Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10 Y11 6TH
19th Sep Peer Pressure Sexting

Poster competition

Healthy Relationships Consent Consent Finance Credit
11th Oct Social Media Online grooming Media Distortion Pornography Pornography Finance Debt
30th Nov Right and Wrong Forced Marriage Exploited Safe Sex/STI’s Parenting Pornography
19th Jan Relationships FGM/HBV Safe Sex Teenage cancer STI’s/ Safe Sex Parenthood

You can also see what we have coming up in January.

Well done to our winners of the year 8 Sexting poster completion who won a £10 Amazon voucher with their innovative and creative designs- Donovan Barea, Sienna Edwards, Lewis Peacock, Megan Parsley

Congrats also to Archie Fellows, Jude Evans and Niamh Gallawan-Allen who were the winners of the year 8 and 13 Drop Down Day to produce a plan for a Film for Change linked to Child Poverty. This film will be made by our Unicef Ambassadors after Christmas so watch this space for a link to the completed film.

Next term sees a y12 drop down day based around Human and Children’s rights and how it affects wellbeing as well as the continuation of the Wellbeing programme.

We are promoting our school wellbeing over the rest of this term with the Advent Calendar of Kindness, encouraging our students and staff to do something kind for someone else each day until Christmas. The calendar can be found on the Wellbeing notice board.

Wellbeing drop down lessons

This month sees the second in our new Wellbeing drop down lesson programme. Eight times a year the time table is collapsed for one lesson and students remain in tutor time to study various topics of Sex and Relationship Education, Finance, Addiction and Mental Health. This is in addition to tutor time activities across the year which intended to focus on “Healthy body, Healthy mind and Healthy Life”.

Through a variety of activities students have been encouraged to discuss issues which many may not have discussed before and hopefully many leave the sessions having reflected and feeling more en-lighted and confident in issues which affect their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development directly. Wellbeing is all about helpign students, staff and parents be part of a positive Hazeley community.

During last drop down lesson some brilliant posters on the topic of Sexting were produced by year 8 and this session areas such as Online grooming, Pornography and Body image are on the agenda.

On the whole there has been a great improvement in engagement of students feeling that Wellbeing is now “something that is actually useful to us” and staff have enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know their tutees better whilst developing students wider education of the world.

We will be continuously reviewing and developing the Wellbeing programme to engage students, staff and parents with a view to future Wellbeing sessions to help support our parents too.

We also have exciting collaborative projects with our partner school at Shenley Brook End dealing with Sexual Exploitation and several Drop Down Days across the year directly linking in with our bid to become a Unicef School and highlight Mental Health issues amongst our young people.


This week we had our first collaborative Drop Down Day with year 13 and 8 working together learning about the effects of Poverty on Children’s Wellbeing and Rights. The year 8 students worked incredibly hard with some outstanding support from Year 13 mentors and staff across the academy. During the day they received a lot of information on the issues which they then applied in small teams to create a storyboard for a Film for Change. The end product of the day was a competition to pitch their ideas for making a Film for Change on the focus on Children, Poverty and Wellbeing. The winning film will be made by our character club and you will be able to watch it on our Hazeley Academy You Tube page.


Kirsty Bowers

Subject Leader Health and Wellbeing/PE teacher

Principal’s Blog – 20th October 2017: End of Term Round-up and Reminders

Hazeley’s partnership with Shenley Brook End School is going from strength to strength. My comparison with the Brownlee brothers seems to be a good one, as we sit neck and neck with each other at the top of the Milton Keynes league tables. I am certain that the support and competition between us both will lead to further improvements in both schools, which is the really important outcome.

The first half of this term has been enriched with trips, visits and events. Magicians have helped students find out about the importance of creativity in the work place. The Malaga trip has developed the confidence of our linguists and Loughborough has helped reinforce the importance of character for our 6th Formers. There really is no such thing as a “normal” week at Hazeley.

The partnership we enjoy with parents has also grown this term, many of you supported the Welcome to the Year Ahead evenings and commented very positively on the increased role of the form tutor. We enjoyed positive and constructive feedback from both the parent surveys and the Parent Voice session. This feedback will be explored further in future parent voice sessions which will focus on homework, communication and the extended curriculum. More details will follow in the new term.

A day never goes by without us being grateful to all parents/carers who support the academy; from ensuring that their children set off to school on time and correctly equipped, to those that share their personal time to help as a Governor or with their own child’s learning. It is very much appreciated.

Key Reminders for the Term Ahead

Key Dates
All students’ return on Tuesday 31st October and the term ends on Wednesday 20th December.

The academy calendar can be accessed HERE

If you have not accessed go4schools this term then you are missing out on a wealth of information relating to your child’s progress and behaviour. Please email the data team on: data@thehazeleyacademy.com to find out more.

We are very grateful to our supportive parents/carers who are proud of our high expectations in relation to uniform. A reminder of the expectations can be accessed Here

There will be a particular focus on ensuring that skirts are an appropriate length and that trousers are not of the “skinny” variety. Students who do not comply can expect detentions and isolations.

Those visitors who have joined me to look around Hazeley during the academy day will know that behaviour is very good. A key reason for this is the support that parents give in relation to expectations and sanctions. In all but the most extreme circumstances students issued with a detention are expected to complete them the next day.

Car Park
If at all possible please encourage your child to walk/cycle to school. If you do need to drive them to school we strongly suggest that you drop them off at a safe place, a distance from the academy, and avoid the local roundabout as this causes congestion.

If you drop your child off in the academy car park then please let them exit your car near the main entrance drop-off zone; this prevents them from needing to cross the busy road. The car park is much quieter 15minutes before the opening of the academy.

In the term ahead we will be having a further push on punctuality. Your support with this is absolutely critical. Students who are late for school are placed at a real disadvantage often missing out on key messages and preparation time.

After School Clubs
Students have been encouraged to take the opportunity to attend as many after school clubs as they can, but also reminded that they should not be on the academy grounds outside of the school day unless they are at an organised club.

Enjoy the half term break.

ZTN photo NelsonMr Nelson

Principal’s Blog – 13th October 2017: Initial results and changes to GCSEs

Initial results and changes to GCSEs

This week academic results from last academic year are released to schools.

The headline summary for Hazeley’s results is:

  “They are significantly better than other schools nationally; even more impressive is that this strong performance is spread across all of the main subject areas and ability bands of students”

For those of you who would like find our more detail in what the results mean, please read on.

The link to the national results can be found HERE.  It is worth noting that the results on this website are what is called unvalidated and do not take into account the changes in grades for some of our students following marking reviews or the results that the Department for Education had missed for some of our students.

The figures below are those we expect to see once the validated figures are released in January.

The way that schools are judged by Ofsted and the information that parents receive has changed.

  • Progress 8-this compares the attainment 8 scores for our students with students who had the same Key Stage 2 performance and again averages it out across the whole cohort. A positive score means that Hazeley students do better than their peers nationally.  In 2015 our score was +0.17.  Last year amid all the changes it was -0.01 or in line with the national average.  This year we expect the value to be +0.22; this may be even higher following corrections to exam marking.   Our student’s scores show that the average amount of value we achieve for our students is significantly above what other students achieve nationally from the same starting points.
  • Basics-This is the proportion of students achieving a pass in both an English qualification and Mathematics; important in enabling students to make the most of future opportunities. This year almost 70% of our students achieved this at the standard pass.
  • Attainment 8-this is the average number of points that a Hazeley student achieves across 8 subjects following certain rules. English and Mathematics points are doubled, their best 3 subjects from the sciences, modern foreign languages, history and geography and computer sciences are chosen next.  For the remaining 3 subjects, any qualification can count, including the ones above that haven’t already been used.  The total points are then divided by 10.  This year our students achieved an average of 4.8, well above the new standard pass of a 4 (old grade C) and rounding to the “good” pass of a 5
  • English Baccalaureate-this is for students who achieve a C or better in English, mathematics, science, a modern foreign language and either history or geography. We are very proud that at Hazeley we have a history of having around a third of our students achieve this; above the national average of around a quarter for this challenging measure.  This year, on the comparable measure to 2016, we increased by 3% to 33%

Changes to GCSE

This year saw the first of the new GCSEs taking place in English Language and Literature and in Mathematics.  These new GCSEs were graded in numbers rather than letters, with 9 being the highest grade they can achieve and 1 the lowest.  We were very proud in the achievements of our students that led to a higher percentage of Hazeley students gaining a 9 than nationally.

The majority of other subjects have now started their new GCSEs.  Our staff will continue to carefully consider all the new specifications that exam boards are offering to find the ones that will be best for our students and are a closest match to our values.

This is a period of great change, however our staff and students have the Character to be resilient in the face of it and to use the different measures and GCSEs to gain even stronger futures for our students; they have the Confidence to trust and support each other to understand the implications and changes; the Creativity to find the best possible solutions to the challenges posed by the changes and to continue to make their time at Hazeley an inspirational learning journey for all.

ZTN photo Nelson


Mr T Nelson

Main School Open Evening – Year 7 intake. Date: Tuesday 3rd October Doors open from 5.45pm with Presentations at 6.00pm, 6.45pm and 7.30pm

Dear Prospective Parents

You are cordially invited to attend our New Year 7 intake Open Evening on Tuesday 3rd October 2017. Doors open at 5.45pm with the evening closing at 8.00pm.

Principal presentations will take place at 6.00pm, 6.45pm and  7.30pm.

Student tour guides will be available throughout the evening to showcase our subject areas, with staff on hand to answer questions. Our Admissions Officer will also be present throughout the evening to clarify the admissions criteria and process.

Daytime tours are also available should you be unable to attend the evening. Please contact our main reception team who will be happy to arrange this for you.

Principal’s Blog – 22nd September; Wellbeing


This week saw the launch of our new Wellbeing programme, which aims to prepare students for the challenges of growing up. The programme is expertly led by Mrs Bowers and benefits greatly from resources and ideas from our partner school Shenley Brook End as well as PiXL (partners in excellence).

During these sessions students work with their form tutors, to create a positive atmosphere where they can explore and discuss ideas. The quotes from the students below help give a flavour of the topics covered and the student’s perceptions.

Y7 – Peer Pressure

“The lesson gave me an opportunity to understand and discuss peer pressure”

Y8 – Sexting

“Our form tutor used videos and debate to help us understand the dangers and potential consequences of sexting”

Y9- Healthy Relationships

“We talked about what the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships”

Y10 & 11 – Consent

“We explored an analogy that compared tea with consent so that we could understand its importance and complexities”

6th Form – Managing Finances

“The lesson allowed us to gain an insight into debit and credit cards, their benefits and potential pitfalls”

Further details on the topics to be covered in each session can be accessed on the school website via the links below.



Knowing what has been covered in these sessions gives parents/carers an ideal opportunity to continue the discussion at home.

ZTN photo NelsonMr Nelson

The Wellbeing programme (PSHE) at The Hazeley Academy

Wellbeing at The Hazeley Academy.

Dear Parent/Carer

As part of the Wellbeing programme (PSHE) at The Hazeley Academy we have developed a programme of lessons that will enable our students to become well educated and informed young people with a social conscience and knowledge about the world around them.

Much of the Wellbeing topics are touched on in curriculum areas across the school and this year will be further enhanced  through a series of tutor time activities, drop down lessons (one lesson is take over for Wellbeing once a month) and drop down days (whole day collapse of the normal curriculum).

If you are able to attend the “Welcome to the Year” evenings you will receive a breakdown of what the year group, relevant to your child, are studying this year. We will as a whole school be looking at topics such as; bullying, honour and remembrance, mental health and working toward achieving the Unicef Rights Respecting School Award.

For this first half term we will be focusing on careers education across the school in tutor sessions. There will be a drop down day for year 8 and 13 looking at the Unicef work and several drop down lessons looking into Sex and Relationships Education, appropriate to their age group.

We will endeavour to keep you informed of what is happening each term through Wellbeing newsletters and information can be found on the website in the Wellbeing blog.

Nowadays there is a vast amount of, sometimes confusing, information about relationships and sex on the internet, on TV, in magazines, etc which young people may have access to, and this can sometimes make an already confusing time seem even more complicated!

The purpose of Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is to provide knowledge and understanding of how the human body changes during puberty and the processes of human reproduction, within the context of relationships based on love and respect. It should develop understanding and attitudes which will help pupils to form relationships in a responsible and healthy manner and to appreciate the value of stable family life, including the responsibilities of parenthood and marriage.

The key aims of SRE are to:

  • Provide accurate and relevant information about the physical and emotional changes that children and young people will experience through their formative years and into adulthood.
  • Establish an awareness of the importance of stable family life and relationships, including the responsibilities of parenthood and marriage.
  • Foster self-awareness and self-esteem.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and respect for themselves and others.

Parents can choose to withdraw their children from all or part of sex education; if you wish to do so please complete the form in the letter and return to student services by 13th September 2017.

Yours sincerely

Kirsty Bowers

Lead Leaner Health and Wellbeing

This letter can be viewed as a pdf here

Wellbeing programme – Sex and Relationship education information.

The Hazeley Academy Wellbeing programme includes Sex and Relationship education.

This pdf (click here) summarises the topic areas that will be covered to enable parents to further discuss these topics with their children and be prepared for any questions they may have.

Principal’s Blog 24th August – More Celebrations at Hazeley

More Celebrations at Hazeley

IMG_0634Students, parents, staff and governors are again celebrating some excellent GCSE results at The Hazeley Academy. Our focus remains on the growth of the whole child through the development of character, confidence and creativity. However, it is no surprise to see that these qualities not only develop well-rounded young people, but also equip them with the skills, attitudes and aspirations needed to achieve some excellent examination outcomes.

Our Year 11 cohort replicated the excellent A Level results achieved last week in the sciences, humanities and social sciences. Close to 100% of the students studying chemistry, biology, physics, and psychology achieved A*-C grades with almost half of them securing A/A* in the single sciences.

Our more able programme (Top 50) has resulted in an increased number of students achieving the highest grades and over half of our students gained at least one L9/A. Equally impressive are the stories of individual students who joined us with relatively modest Key Stage 2 levels and who now leave us as well qualified, well-rounded individuals. They are all a credit to our strong community.IMG_0621

Computer science, geography, philosophy and ethics, art, media studies, drama, catering, performing arts, product design, PE, Italian, ICT all achieved well, with the number of students achieving A*-C in the region of 70% or above.

Our focus remains on the growth of the whole child through the development of character, confidence and creativity. It is no surprise to see that these qualities not only develop well-rounded young people, but also equip them with the skills, attitudes and aspirations needed to achieve some excellent examination outcomes.IMG_0610

The future for Hazeley is a really exciting one! We have absolute clarity in what we are going to do to improve further and are excited by the prospect of working more closely with our equally successful partner, Shenley Brook End School.


It’s a great time to be part of The Hazeley Academy.







ZTN photo NelsonMr Nelson

Principal’s Blog 17th August – Record A-level Results at The Hazeley Academy

Record A-level Results at The Hazeley Academy

Students and staff are today celebrating record A level results. An almost perfect pass rate with an exceptionally high number of students gaining top grades, especially in mathematics, economics, history, geography, languages, psychology, business studies, law and the sciences.

The initial analysis suggests that results are amongst the top 10-25% in the country in terms of progress, with high ability students performing particularly well compared to similar students in other schools, broadly gaining one grade higher than their counterparts in “average schools”.

Student Achievements:

Two of our students will be heading to Cambridge University.

Copy of IMG_0536Sachin Patel – 5 x A* at A Level will allow him to embark upon a course in Engineering at Cambridge
Giorgio Ragozzino will be studying English Literature at Cambridge after achieving A*AA at A-Level.

Other notable high flyers include:

  • Cerys Hughes A*AAA – Nottingham Chemistry
  • Daniel Onan A*AAA- UCL- Scandinavian Studies
  • Priya Vashistha A*AA – LSE- Accounting and Finance
  • Amy Wells A*A*AB – York – Molecular Cell Biology
  • Liam Critcher A*A*A – Nottingham – Mathematics  (AC)
  • Hamid Miah AAA – Bath – Economics
  • Kiaah Ubhi AAA – Gap Year
  • Yasmina Bugel A*AB- Leeds Law
  • Huma Mahmood AAB- Birmingham – Bio Chemistry
  • Anjali Kumar A*A*C – Birmingham – Politics, Policy and Economics

It is great to see these wonderful young people interacting with their exceptional teachers and receiving such outstanding results as a reward for all their hard work.

Well done to all students, staff, parents and governors; outcomes like these are all from an exceptional team effort.

ZTN photo NelsonMr Nelson