Principal’s Blog, 10th November 2017 – Attendance Matters at Hazeley

Parents/carers often receive notifications regarding attendance and punctuality through termly Progress Review reports, letters and communications from the Personalisation team. Information can also be accessed via Go4Schools. The Pastoral team continue to celebrate 100% attendance and recently contacted close to 700 parents/carers via a congratulatory school comms home.

Attendance does make a difference at Hazeley.  On average our Year 11 students with 100% attendance achieved almost a grade higher in every subject than students with less than 100% attendance. Their rate of progress was significantly higher than other students at the academy (including those with 96%+ attendance) and therefore we encourage students, wherever possible, to be in every day.





There are still occasions where students are taken on term time holidays. These holidays are often taken during the lead up to, or directly following, a half term break and will have an impact on learning and progress.  For example – on the last day before half term (20th October 2017) Hazeley experienced a 4% reduction in attendance compared to our usual attendance levels.

Hazeley’ s attendance figures are excellent; however we still drive to improve in this area.  ‘Persistent Average’ figures last year were significantly below the national average of 13.1% and we thank our parents and carers for ensuring their son or daughter attends the academy regularly.


Involvement of Parents/Carers also matters

Attending Parents Evenings and events such as the Welcome to the Year Ahead is an important way to ensure a strong relationship between the home and the academy.

The recent Year 11 Parents Evening was attended by over 86% of parents/carers. During the evening parents/carers were given the opportunity to meet with class teachers to discuss student progress in lessons, any areas for improvement and information was shared about preparing for exams and key areas for revision.

Please refer to the academy calendar for other key dates: LINK



Mr S Healy
Deputy Principal