Art Department

Art Department

by Mrs Sears

The Art department has had a very busy schedule during the first term of this year. Mrs Jobling accompanied the 6th form students on a trip to New York in October which was an exciting and rewarding experience for all. Students returned with a wider social and cultural understanding of N.Y.C and Mrs Jobling returned with sore feet. As always, students upheld the values of our academy and were exemplary in their behaviour.

Also in October, Mrs Sear and Mr Halward took Year 12 Art students to an event at Oxford University Thermofluids Centre, where a group of diverse artists had been commissioned to respond to a variety of scientific research based around the development of aeroplane and rocket engines. Not knowing quite what to expect, students found themselves intrigued and inspired. The artists (and scientists) were friendly and informative and in some instances, students were able to interact with the processes involved. This experience reinforced the process that is required by students in order to develop a successful portfolio; and also positively supported the STEAM into STEM initiative that the academy is involved with. Best of all however, was the Dominos lunch supplied. Many thanks to Mr Halward for driving.

In the first weeks of term two, the Art Department was proud to be able to highlight two important events that occurred. The first being the Hindu festival of Diwali. KS3 students made cards based on traditional Rangoli patterns and were intrigued to learn more about the Hindu faith and its traditions.

In the same week, we commemorated Armistice Day and the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1. KS3 students were made award of the significance of this historical event and its social, moral impact on our society today. Wonderful red origami poppies and Diwali cards adorned the H corridor and foyer of the academy, giving pride to all those who made them.

We’re now looking forward to the countdown to Christmas and again, celebrating its significance.