KS3 Students win Bronze Crest Awards in Science


The Hazeley Academy Science department endeavours to provide engaging opportunities for students and this year , 37 students in years 7 and 8 completed the bronze CREST award for research. To achieve this students worked individually or pairs to research topics such as vaccinations and how mosquitoes spread diseases in tasks that developed both their understanding and the inquisitive nature required to be a successful scientist. Etiene told us that the most interesting element of discovering about these diseases was that ‘we also found out how to help people,’ with Jasper adding that it was intriguing to see how the diseases and vaccines linked and that ‘the malaria vaccine had only been available since this April and it was fascinating to be working with the latest research.’ For Arisa, it wasn’t just about the findings but also about the team work involved, as she commented on ‘how many people had to work to develop just one vaccine.’

The hard work and dedication of our students means that now all of them can proudly display their Bronze CREST award. As well as this, 25 year 7 students had the opportunity to visit the Birmingham ThinkTank Museum where they programmed Lego robots and witnessed an explosive chemistry show. Edie told us about the dangers of putting hydrogen in birthday balloons as ‘if it goes near candles it will explode. The scientist threw a torch at it and it went kaboom!’

The inspirational day was a huge success with the students gaining so much from exploring the museum.  In September, look out for news on all of the amazing things we have planned for next year in science! As Minnie said, these kind of activities help to ‘learn about new things’ and for Heather it wasn’t just about the science but the transferable skills as she learnt ‘how to make a good presentation online”.


Students who took part:

Dylan Khatkar

Heather Peck

Zar  Rafique

Edie Savage

Intisar Adekanmbi

Katie Allen

Mille Allford

Harison Bavananthan

Jessenia Bostan

Daniel Brooks

Joanne Carter

Owen Caul

Lewis Corby

Paul Cucu

Etien Depolla

Arisa Fatima

Tania Godoy

Rhys Goodwin

Leah Herring

Jasper John

Rayyan Khan

Laraib Kiani

Tin Yan Li

Mitchell Lloyd

Carla Lozano-McInerney

Minnie Press

Ahsan Rizvi

Krishen Shah

Izzy Silver

Caiden Studman

Jacob Walker

Nayana Wallis-Patel

Nicholas Hughes

Rishigar Manohar

Marcos Martinez Simon