By Maddison Gibbs

This term saw the Art department working on one of the most difficult aspects of the subject: life drawing. The lessons took place within the academy and involved some of our strongest year 12 art students, offering them a life changing opportunity to develop key skills and to enhance their coursework portfolio. In order to achieve this they needed to display sensitivity and maturity, which according to their proud teacher Mrs Sear, they demonstrated magnificently.

For the first sitting on the 20th June students were understandably nervous, not quite sure of what to expect. The skill of life drawing is daunting for anyone, but these students were determined to grasp the opportunity and make the most of it; acknowledging the contribution it gives to their coursework portfolio and in helping them to strive for higher end grades. The task required skill and a keen eye for detail, and whilst many did show signs of apprehension and an uncomfortable nature, the way it was handled and the respect shown to the model was highly appreciated. By the end of this session, students had started to piece together ideas and work, bringing their drawings to life.

By the second sitting on the 27th of June the earlier anxiety was nowhere to be seen as students got eagerly back into their work. Mrs Sear told us, ‘Many students started to develop and progress their artistry further than before, understanding and developing their own work into new and improved areas.’ The end of this session was the final one and all sixth formers felt a sense of accomplishment with the work produced. For many it exemplified how much they had learnt and progressed this year and filled both themselves and their teachers with pride.

 The opportunity set up by the Art Department was one that was highly appreciated and valued by all involved. When over, the maturity that the students showed was appreciated by the model herself who commented on how it was one of the best modelling experiences she’d enjoyed, with the engagement and the politeness directed towards her by the students making the situation less nerve wracking. This great experience, and the maturity shown by our students, means that the Art Department will be able to offer more opportunities like this to KS5 students. We are proud of all students involved, who have helped to further spread the good reputation for our academy.