By Gursev Kaur

Attention! Shocking news has reached us that Harvey the Husky has gone missing and a crack team of year 6 detectives have been trying to break the code to urgently find where he’s disappeared to. A number of Hazeley suspects have been identified, including Mr Nelson, Miss Whiteman, Mr West, Mr Lane, Mr Crofts, Mr Matthews, Mr Hughes and Mr Rose.

Oh wait…you’re wondering why year 6 students are in Hazeley? Don’t worry the whole exercise is part of their transition day and Harvey the Husky’s disappearance is an opportunity for students to use their literacy and numeracy skills in a fun way. The Year 6s have enjoyed several transition days at the Hazeley Academy over the course of July, to allow them to gain a greater understanding of the values and ethos of their new school. This involves getting a taste of the larger building and greater independence that transitioning from primary school requires: the large crowds of friendly people at the Hazeley Academy, the introduction to their differing subjects and giving the opportunity to get to know their form tutors and teachers who support them over the coming years.

The suspects of the ‘Great Hazeley Dog-Napping’ were even made up of year 7 form tutors, Mr Hughes – the Progress Leader and a few other key faces to help them settle in. The perpetrator was even changed for each day, so that their friends back at Primary Schools couldn’t ruin the surprise!

The transition days have been a great success with the new crop of Hazeley students participating in group work to gain house points whilst getting to know their future school friends.

Some Year 6s that we interviewed stated that they are really ‘enjoying being at Hazeley’, that they are ‘excited about History, Science and Languages’ as well as some even saying that their task on cracking the code for Harvey the Husky was ‘Better than doing Algebra… but it is a bit like doing Algebra!’.

We are pleased to see that the Year 6s have enjoyed their transition days over the last couple of days and we wish them a successful and wonderful first year at the Hazeley Academy.