House Literacy Competition

The form which writes the most impressive piece will win!



Congratulations to Miss Kennedy’s form 9VY1 (Victory) who  won the recent House Literacy Competition with the following entry.

“The pristine waters stretched out from the shores like shiny, blue paint from a sandy paintbrush. The woodland beyond the banks was dense and lush with spring flowers and vegetation, and the sweet aroma of the warm day floated on the breeze like a boat on a river. Forest creatures, such as squirrels, birds and foxes, wandered their home with a carefree lightness matched only by that emanating from the bright orange sun in the sky. That sky had barely a cloud, barely a wisp of condensation to interrupt its clear, constant colouration. By contrast, the meadows and fields that spread out below it were a rainbow of vibrancy, with daffodils and bluebells and whatever else chose to grow there. And watching over this all, protecting it from the outside world like a loving parent, stood the mountain. Its slopes careened down at terrifying angles, and its snow-capped peak was like a mop of white hair upon its grey, rocky head. It had watched over the valley for millions of years, had seen creatures live and die and live again in new born youngsters, had seen the forest change and grow, each tree erupting from a seed to join its brothers and sisters at the top of the world. Or at least as high as they could get. It watched over all these things with silent pleasure, safe in the knowledge that paradise would remain unaltered, for eternity and more.”

Daniel Walters 9VY1

Congratulations also to Mrs Harrier-Wilson’s form 10VY2 who were runners up with Robert’s entry

“Visible through the bustling treetops, a lake sits patiently for the curious eye to gaze upon it. One look at the calming water, however, is enough to force you into a deep trance. no matter how hard you try to move away, an elusive barrier forms between you and the rest of the world. The mountains and the perilous peaks on top of them keep even the most devilish of God’s creations in line. The delicate clouds divert any attention from the outside world like a shield that blocks tragedy from entering. All eyes gaze at the lonely lake. The water is as blue as the sky, the Fresnel acting like a chameleon’s scales, camouflaging to hide itself from the Earth’s negativity. The area around is silent, no noise to be heard, not even an insect makes the slightest sound, as if the animals dare not to disturb the tranquillity, as it is rare in a world so arduous to come across a moment so precious. When you look upon the beautiful lake, you become at peace with the large mesmerising landscape presented before you, and stress becomes happiness.”

Robert Howell 10VY2